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Indago Olympics and Escape Room Struggles!

Millennials these days always talk about how they want to find a company with an amazing culture and a ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy.

Being a millennial and a recent graduate myself, I understand the uncertainty graduates feel when they finally leave the safe and protected environment of university and venture into the ‘real world’ – where we are supposedly taken advantage of.
I am writing to encourage millennials and graduates that there are many great companies. You just need to go find them.
I recently had my first social event with Indago Digital. When people think of company events we normally imagine the company renting out a nice venue for the day and semi-awkward mingling amongst each other until blood alcohol levels get too high and taxis line up to carry people home.

Not so here.

Sprints & Athleticism

The day started with ‘Indago Olympics,’ a 100m sprint across the grass of Prince Alfred Park. Every runner geared up on the day for a display of sheer world-class athleticism. To make the race more challenging, the field was riddled with ditches where runners could potentially lose their footing and miss out on the chance at eternal glory.

The Mission We Had No Choice But To Accept

After the race, we started to walk into the city for a surprise activity. During the walk into the city, there were many speculations of what the activity was going to be. For some it was bowling, and for others it was laser tag. There was even a suspicion that our walk around the city was the activity.

During the walk, our leader, Tom, couldn’t find the building. The situation ended up with 18 people standing in front of a building which seemed to provide a lot of things (Thai massages being one) but none of which was what we’d speculated on doing.

Once it was confirmed we were at the correct building, we started to squeeze into a small elevator. When we arrived, the secret event was revealed to be a room escape activity at Mission. Room escapes are activities where groups race against the clock to solve abstract puzzles.

We were split into groups of six and seven with team names and captains. I was the team captain for Team Poon (great name I must say) and we chose to tackle the most difficult room. Although I didn’t know what the other teams encountered, afterwards I overheard that some were tied up, some had to ‘kill’ using tomato sauce, and some were solving puzzles to do with Uranus…(the planet, please grow up).

The mission of our room was to find purple crystals and escape in 90 minutes. We had many questionable ideas while solving the room but each idea eventually led to solving the puzzles. We managed to solve the room with just seconds left on the timer. Almost as if we were in an Indiana Jones movie.

After completing the room, we were treated with bars of 24 carat gold!…chocolates. To add more joy to escaping the rooms in time, we found out we were the only team to complete their challenge.

Go team Poon!

The Birth of the Espresso Martini Legend

The night ended with us heading to the Dove & Olive, a nice pub where we booked out the balcony. With good food and great drinks, we all relaxed from a day of physical and mental strain.

The night was made better when one of us got a little too jacked up on espresso martinis.

All in all, it was a fun experience and it proves that there are great companies with an awesome culture while being great at what they do. Therefore, I would encourage all millennials and recent graduates to go out into the ‘real world’ to find the great companies for yourself and never stop until you find it.

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