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Google Marketing: Next Keynote — 2017

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google marketing next 2017

Covering the future of marketing, the role of technology, new products and product features, Google’s Keynote centred on the user experience as the key consideration across all marketing activity. Users are looking more and more to their devices for assistance and expecting more and more as a result. This leads to a requirement for marketers to truly understand consumer motivations and requirements, with the goal to provide relevant, frictionless experiences whenever and wherever users ask for them or before they ask.

As experiences become better and easier, there will be no limit to the moments where people are seeking assistance – which is where brands can step in. With an emphasis on being helpful, and leveraging data and machine learning, marketers need to put the consumer at the heart of strategy, become smarter with data, and deliver meaningful and useful experiences.

With the stage set, various speakers took the stage to explore how Google is going to make your life easier with expansions to their suite of products and further integration and visibility of data cross device and between products. I won’t transcribe the whole Keynote but it’s worth the watch/listen if not for anything other than the #GoogleHype. But if you don’t have an hour to spare, then here’s a list of time-stamps to help you navigate to the most relevant content and my personal top 4 for search marketers.

Top 4 for Search:

In-market audiences for search: 30:15 – Connecting and engaging with more consumers.

Previously only available to GDN ads, search marketers can now target copy specifically to an audience of users who are actively researching and comparing products similar to your offering. A powerful way to reach highly specific target markets.

New Google Attribution product: 32:23 – Solving “The Attribution Problem”.

Improved cross device tracking, integration across DoubleClick, AdWords and Analytics products. The implementation of data driven attribution models across all facets of Google’s search product range will provide unprecedented insight into what areas of your campaign are successful.

Reach & Frequency Data: 40:49 – Prevent over exposing users & redistribute budget.

New tabs in AdWords will show how often your users see content you are targeting them with across all types, and allow you to minimise over exposure and reduce budget wastage on high frequency user’s groups.

New AdWords experience: 45:13 – 20% faster load times, 30% efficiency increase.

Besides being a lot prettier, the new AdWords interface is boasting some significant performance improvements in load times and functionality. With early adopters claiming some serious efficiency improvements across teams using AdWords.



11:30 – Marketing with data (With Sirdhar Ramaswany)

14:20 – Loading speed of pages matter.

15:45 – Amp ads and landing pages beta

17:30 – Non-line Assistance

19:08 – Location extension and store visits for tru-view YouTube ads

20:50 – 2 new tools to measure store sales


24:00 – Building Audiences with Machine Learning (With Bhanu Narasimhan):

26:10 – Improving audience segments by connecting data across Google, devices and real-time

28:04 – New audience segments: Consumer patterns and life events

30:15 – Introducing in-market audiences to search ads


32:23 – Attribution tools (With Bill Kee)

34:05 – Launch of Google Attribution

37:40 – Data-Driven Attribution

41:37 – Introducing unique reach reporting to AdWords and DoubleClick


43:28 – Tools to work smarter (With Karen Yao)

45:13 – New AdWords interface demo

48:53 – Launching 2 new tools: Landing page report and Google optimize integration to AdWords


51:30 – Analytics and DoubleClick (With Roshan Khan)

52:45 – Planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager

55:51 – Google Surveys 360 Connecting to AdWords (US and CA)


58:40 – Google Assistant (With Jennifer Liu)

1:00:08 – Google Assistant Demo

1:00:55 – What does Google Assistant mean for marketers?


google marketing next 2017



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