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Paid Social and Display - Webinar
Hear Luke Ashmore-Delaney, Indago's Performance & Analytics Director present on Paid Social & Display. Understand why Paid Social & Display is such an important part of your marketing mix.
5 min. read
Keyword Planner’s ‘Refined Keywords’ Update
An exciting new Keyword Planner update introduces an unprecedented feature which allows the automatic categorisations of keywords into multiple group-types!
3 min. read
Advanced Dynamic Search Ads Tactics – A Marketer’s Guide
Dynamic Search Ads are a valuable part of PPC strategy, but their true potential remains untapped. Learn the tactics required to maximise their capabilities.
4 min. read
Custom Variables & Enhanced Conversion Measurement
This guide details the steps to set up custom variable tracking in Search Ads 360 using Campaign Manager, Google Tag Manager & several uses for custom variables.
7 min. read
SEM Marketing Guide: Is First Optimal SEM Brand Position?
A common SEM marketing conversation is must brand keywords always be position one? If there is strong organic presence must we need bid on brand keywords at all?
4 min. read

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