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The Immediate Effect of TV on Paid Search

A client of ours has recently embarked on a large above the line TV campaign and we wanted to measure the affect it’s had on their search campaigns.

his value could be attributed back to the TV campaign itself and insights produced that could be fed back into the TV campaign such as the best day of the week or time of day to advertise.

The Brand Campaign

With HTTPS, you cannot see SEO keyword level data in analytics so the only way to measure SEO is by using webmaster tools – whose data is questionable. Therefore paid search was our best option.

indago digital ensured that the brand campaign was uncapped and that our rank strategy was to maintain top spot, which it always should be. Post campaign we then reviewed the data on an hourly basis to see if there was a correlation between when the TVC was in market and a number of campaign metrics; brand searches, click through rates, conversion rates and sales.

Much to our surprise there was next to no change across any metrics. In the opening week we saw a small increase in some metrics but overall no discernible affect.

This data was only analysed over a month but we’ll complete it over a longer period – six months – and report back on whether TV needs more time to have an effect.

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