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3 Reasons Why Content Should Be SEO Strategy Cornerstone
The benefits of producing quality content are many however one of its virtues is a positive SEO impact. Here are 3 reasons for making content a part of your SEO.
5 min. read
10 Strategies to Grow Your YouTube Channel
Learn how to grow your YouTube channel now, to make it one of the best digital channels representing your brand & why having one is now important more than ever.
11 min. read
GA Audience Breakdown: A Content NYE Resolution
70% of sites worldwide are using Google Analytics. When was the last time that you checked your Audience section? I suggest you do it now for some epic insights.
3 min. read
SEO For The AngularJS Developers - Part 1
AngularJS is all the rage these days. I first found AngularJS all the way back in 2013 and I instantly fell in love with it since then it seems to have exploded.
2 min. read
Your Must-Know Digital Marketing Acronyms Explained
Our industry loves its acronyms but what do they all mean? Read on as Indago Digital explains these 30 popular digital marketing acronyms with their definitions.
5 min. read
The Immediate Effect of TV on Paid Search
Our client recently embarked on a TV campaign, & we measured its effect on their search campaigns. This value could be attributed back to the TV campaign itself.
3 min. read
Content Rich Landing Pages: An Industry-Led Eye-Opener
Getting the basics right. We assumed the Health Insurance market was mature & that their competitors all had content rich landing pages. But it was not the case.
1 min. read

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