SEO Case Study

Employsure | SEO

The Employsure Challenge

As a workplace relations specialist Employsure was organically competing against heavy weight websites. Often these sites were government owned such as the Fairwork Commission itself.

Google would obviously prioritise these sites over a commercial business and this was a key issue that needed a solution.

The Methodology

This was a traditional SEO campaign where we followed an approach of; technical fixes, keyword research, content gap analysis and link building. After the site was technically sound it was important to increase it’s authenticity and credibility.

This was done by increasing the quality of the content on the site and it’s inbound links. New content was produced, old content rebuild – all with a focus on quality.

At the same time quality in-bound links were obtained. A number of methods were used including working with existing suppliers / partners, content distribution, directories and media relationships

The Results

Since the beginning of the campaign, Employsure experienced increased online visibility;

• 14% increase in total impressions
• 42% increase in total clicks

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