Yes we’re hiring.

We’re always looking for good talent and the right people. Because of this, we have no issue in creating new opportunities for the right person. If you’re hungry, not literally, analytical and willing to get your hands dirty then please get in contact by emailing

Mission Statement – To make our client’s lives easier, helping them achieve their KPI’s whilst expanding their knowledge and skills.

Our Beliefs

  • Frodo – Willing to go to the end of the earth for each other and a righteous cause
  • Han Solo – Encourage each other to take risks and have fun in the process
  • Holmes – Ruthless in the pursuit of the truth and being an individual

Differentiation and Adapting – Our roles are encompassing more, with platforms becoming increasingly complex and the introduction of new channels, technologies and publishers. It has become impossible to be across all of our client’s data and Indago Digital are building middleware to aid employees.

The main aim of the technology, beta version recently released, is to provide alerts to employees based on a set of preconditioned changes. Via a series of API’s this tool works with in excess of 10 technology platforms.

Culture – At Indago Digital we strive to drive client results and therefore preserving client and agency IP is a major focus. This cannot be achieved without the ability to retain staff past industry averages.

Within months of inception we put into place a wide range of initiatives to ensure staff happiness and to build a culture we were proud of. Below we have detailed some more progressive ideas;

Training – All staff have access to a personal $2,000 a year staff training grant. In 2015 we have sent staff to; the Googeplex in California, The Analytics Conference and The Data Symposium.

None-Monetary Perks – These include one half day Friday provided for each month of summer so you can get away for the weekend and avoid the inevitable traffic getting out of the city.

If you take your full allowance of 20 holiday days, you are provided with an additional five days to take at your own discretion.