Sydney Harbour Christmas in January 2022

Sydney Harbour Christmas in January 2022

Written by

Gary Nissim


10 February 2022



Our annual Indago Christmas in January was a sun-drenched good time with excellent tunes (thanks Soo Jin Music), backflips – and bellyflops – off lily pads, stand-up paddle boarding, BBQ’d delights, Stealing Santa thievery and the very best vibes.

Kicking off at Woolloomooloo’s Finger Wharf, we boarded Dreamtime Girl, the swanky catamaran we’ve called Christmas Celebration HQ for the past several years. Once aboard, we headed across Sydney Harbour to a secluded little spot towards Rose Bay, where our attempts to stand up paddle board made it clear that we needed to head to Pilates for some stability training post haste.

A BBQ and a Stealing Santa stoush followed. With a budget of $20, the gifts ranged from a Die Hard colouring book to an Amazon Echo Dot (< hey big spender!)… and, as in all good Stealing Santa scenarios, someone supplied the customary inappropriate mug.

We hopped off at the Wharf four or five hours later and headed to the Quarryman‘s in Sydney’s Pyrmont to shake off our sea legs.

Good times!

The dog and bone.
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Written by

Gary Nissim
The dog and bone.
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