Indago Places 50th in AFR’s 2017 Fast Starters

Indago Places 50th in AFR’s 2017 Fast Starters

Last year we were named 69th on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters list and we stated, “…watch the dog sniff out a place higher on the list next year.” Well, it’s next year, – and we’ve placed 50th.

Written by

Gary Nissim


10 November 2017



Since 2016’s announcement, Indago Digital has made some serious upgrades across all business areas. From what was a meagre group of people in a North Sydney shoe box, we’re now a fully-fledged armada of over 20 calling Surry Hills home.

But regarding how we’ve made those upgrades, the incentive hasn’t been growth. Our focus as a business in the last financial year has been to consolidate – improve staff training, work on company beliefs, change technology platforms, build a new reporting tool, and move locations to more comfortable digs. The reason being, we’ve got huge plans for 2018, and we need that sturdy base to support the coming tsunami of business.

That’s not to say we haven’t still been stirring the pot of agency land. Our no-bullshit approach to acquisition-focused marketing has gained our clients their stellar results, and there’s no end to that attitude. Our agenda to do things in a uniquely innovative way also hasn’t lost momentum – earlier this year, we ruffled some feathers with our competitor brand bidding campaign. We struck some creative notes with our Google 360 tour.

The fact that we’ve placed in the top half of the Fast Starters list this year is incredibly encouraging and humbling. Though it’s still the beginning for Indago Digital, this only makes us lick our chops, hungry for bigger and better milestones.

The dog and bone.
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Written by

Gary Nissim
The dog and bone.
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