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Why you too should run with the digital marketing agency running your competitors

Here at Indago Digital, whether it be Finance, Travel or Hospitality, our clients range from most verticals where digital client acquisition is key. This can become an issue when trying to target new potential organisations that would benefit from our services and expertise.

From my personal experience – (and I think we would all agree here…) If you are looking for great results in any aspect of business or life, you go to a specialist. Not only one from the field required, but also in the specific area or line of the work that needs to be done. Whether it be getting a tooth replacement, getting your car fixed, legal advice or.. yes – digital marketing..
Here is why I can confidently say that working with an agency which may also run your competitors, is rather a huge plus than a negative for you. No matter how it may be perceived at times.

Vertical Experience

If you take finance for example, it’s a tricky vertical for electing to run paid search campaigns. Keywords are very expensive and google often comes up with new limitations and targeting prohibitions.

Well – for our clients in the same day loan space we have been able to identify unique strategies that lets us get around certain limitations. We have identified these solutions form trial and error and from thinking outside the box using the features google offers us when running a paid search ad.

More importantly, we have been able to do this by understanding extremely well the vertical/industry we are targeting.
And I can assure you – that not all agencies out there utilise our tactics.

For our clients in this space which are several, working with us is giving them an advantage allowing them to get better results.

Every website is different

If you look at SEO, anyone that has a basic idea understands that SEO has 3 specific areas to it;

Technical, Content and Link-building.

When we run audits for our potential clients, the results are never the same. Some websites have huge technical problems that need to be addressed to improve their ranking. Others need evergreen content or perhaps a great distributable content idea to help them get better links and improve their domain authority.

Even brand has weight when it come to SEO so no campaign can be the same or will get the same results. Even if the exact same work was done to each website you would never achieve the same outcome. Focusing on best spoke strategies which are unique to each client’s needs is key to deliver results and a long-term relationship. This reasons why it doesn’t matter if you are in the same vertical or not.

Agencies don’t favour one client by using another’s data

Being extensively data-led digital marketing agency, we know that data doesn’t lie and can be quantified and analysed thoroughly.

I would suggest this is where most potential clients feel worried and concerned. What if the agency did indeed use our data to favour one of our competitors?

From an agency perspective, first and for most we sign NDA’s for each client so we are legally obliged to keep your secrets safe. But above all – we strive to do our best and prioritise doing the right thing by our clients.

We not only want to get them the best results in the market, but also – we treat their business as we do ours. With immense love and respect.

Yes – at times the same ideas might be suggested such as our digital office walk through. Strategies that have worked in the past will be proposed again – like a content hub. But the ultimate goal is always – ultimate results.

Going back to my previous point; no website, nor any brand is the exact same. And having strong knowledge in a vertical will only benefit your business as it adds an essential in-depth knowledge.

The answers to questions such as:

  • Who your clients are, or
  • How to target them, or also
  • How to keep the big G happy.

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