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Indago wins Nestle Professional, EclipX Group and the City of Parramatta

(As featured in Mi3: Indago wins Nestle Professional, EclipX Group and the City of Parramatta) 

Independent media agency Indago Digital has won three new clients: Nestle Professional, Eclipx Group and the City of Parramatta.

After the agency suffering a “crushing” revenue hit in 2020, when its travel and hospitality clients dramatically cut spend, it approached different industries less affected by the pandemic.

These three client wins, which Managing Director Gary Nissim said represent broadening base of FMCG, government, recruitment and financial services industries, mean Indago Digital is back to pre-Covid earnings.

“In March 2020, our revenue was down 67%,” he said. “A large proportion of our clients were travel operators and hospitality groups … They had to drastically cut their costs to survive and the impact on the agency was crushing.”

Eclipx Group Chief Information Officer, Harry Nakichbandi, said: “Digital transformation has never been more important than it is now, as we emerge from the uncertainty of 2020.

Eclipx, like so many other financial services and automotive businesses, are evolving and increasingly embracing new technologies to deliver our products and services to our client base.”

Nestlé Professional Oceania Business Executive Officer, Scott Stuckman, said digital has been a more important route to market for the food service industry.

“It was important to us that we could support our clients and the broader industry with information and guidance on how to adapt and continue to grow the Nestlé Professional brand,” he said.

“To support these efforts and drive growth and visibility, we dialled up both our paid and search marketing activity.”

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