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Indago Digital Takes Christmas to the Seas

Ever heard about the dog pirates of Surry Hills? Rumour has it they’re cutthroat rankings buccaneers.

Barrel chested sea stallions searching the four corners of the globe for leads and conversions –
– optimizing with salty moustaches and rum drenched gullets on crested waves of fortune, aye!

Christmas, Chicken & A Catamaran called Obsession ..

Just kidding – we’re not lame enough to write a full blog post about fictitious search engine pirates…or are we?

Who knows. But, onto the important issue at hand – reporting on our timely January Christmas Party!

We really did go out on a boat last Friday – a catamaran called Obsession to be precise.

The sun blessed us with mid-thirties radiance and with a decent amount of wind out on Sydney Harbour, our vessel’s sails made use in full bloom, the twin hulls carving greeney-blue.

We left from Woolloomooloo wharf and made it our priority to find a secluded beach to anchor and barbecue some of Gary’s home-recipe marinated chicken.

On the down-low, the chicken was delicious – can’t be stroking egos too much as the man’s just been on TV…

Great Company, Eargasmic Music & Royal Spreads

We demolished a hefty lunch of chook, salads, nuts, beers and homemade Viking mead (no joke), so our noble captain steered the boat toward an outcrop of rocks – a place some of the more exaggerative of us noted as a ‘cliff jump’.

I say that somewhat sarcastically because it was only around 10 feet high, but to be fair, the landing zone was dicey at best.

At the same time, there were a few lines cast into the water and we actually hauled in the world’s biggest ever invisible fish!

I say this with utmost sincerity, it was borderline mind-altering being on Sydney Harbour on such a beautiful day.

It’s a transformative experience seeing our beautiful city from that perspective and to share it with great company, eargasmic music and a royal spread of food and drink is a rare pleasure very few on this earth are lucky enough to appreciate.

After some super-relaxing 4-5 hours on MSY Obsession, we cruised back to Woolloomooloo wharf…


The festivities didn’t stop there though. If you know the Woolloomooloo area, then you’re probably aware of an awesome establishment down there called The Tilbury.

It’s a relaxed but lively cross between a lounge, pub, bar and music venue – an LPBV if you will – which serves cocktails, beers, craft beverages and of course delicious water and soft drinks.

We posted up on the balcony for the night and spent the better part of 7 hours being the most interesting, funny, best dressed and generally coolest group of people in the whole place. Despite the fact that we turned up in board shorts, salt crusted shirts and ‘wind hair’ – similar to what I imagine a motley crew of sun-kissed coconut technicians would look like.

While it was a little late, it was a Christmas celebration we’re all going to remember fondly.

For some more Indago event coverage you can turn on the telly – or, read up on our previous shenanigans here. Follow us on LinkedIn today!

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