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Big Data: Google Partner Summit 2018 Insights
In digital we have access to reams of data & with Google’s Dataset Search entering beta & ABS datasets becoming more accessible we can now access 3rd party data.
6 min. read
Lunch with Google: The Diary of a Paid Search Specialist
A perk of working at Indago is the first-hand learnings from industry experts & my first time to do so came quickly as Google invited us to tour their Sydney HQ.
3 min. read
Now Official Google-Developed Squared Online Trainers!
We’re pleased to announce Managing Director, the man with the digital marketing answers, Gary Nissim, is now an official Google-developed Squared Online trainer.
2 min. read
2016 Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote
On May 24 Google announced its new AdWords & Analytics products. It’s every search geeks favourite day of the year. The comprehensive keynote lasts over an hour.
4 min. read
Google's Partner Connect - Google Agency-Partner Training
Google’s Partner Connect program has seen Google provide its SME agencies training. We attended as a Google Agency Partner deemed to have large growth potential.
2 min. read

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