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The Top 5 Strategies to Improve Digital ROI
Learn the Top 5 digital marketing strategies your competitors are using to boost your ROI and develop the knowhow to start implementing them yourself.
5 min. read
SEM Automation in 2022 | Free eGuide
Automated solutions allow Google advertisers to refocus how they spend their time and where they can add value.
5 min. read
Unified Data - Webinar Video
Unified Data Analytics: When the Sum is Greater Than the Parts presented by our Head of Performance and Analytics, Preet Singh.
5 min. read
Free Technical SEO Course
In this free three-part course, Peter Dimakidis, Indago's Chief Technical & SEO Officer takes you through the four key pillars of technical SEO.
5 min. read
The Cost of Content - Free Webinar
James Russell, Indago’s lead Copywriter & Content Manager on maximising ROI on Content Marketing.
5 min. read
Drive Growth With Conversion Rate Optimisation - Webinar
Join this FREE WEBINAR to discover how you can maximise your digital potential and hack growth for your brand or business with Conversion Rate Optimisation.
min. read
Intro to Google Analytics 4: why, what and when?
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a completely new way of analysing user behavior that focuses on a customer’s holistic experience.
30 min. read
What is and How Is GA4 Implemented – Complete Guide
Want a quick overview or a full on guide? Either way this blog post provides both ensuring you understand why Google are rolling out GA4 and why you need to act now!
4 min. read
Reporting in Google Analytics - Webinar
Hear Preet Singh, Indago's Head of Performance & Analytics present on Reporting in Google Analytics. Learn the basic/advance level setup, conversions, must-haves and more.
5 min. read

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