PPC Case Study

Real Insurance | PPC

The Challenge

Real Insurance is a nationally well-renowned insurance brand that sits within a highly competitive insurance market.

In order to achieve significant SEM results in such mammoth competitive fields – dissecting even the tiniest details within your campaign is imperative. These include structure, bids, audiences, creatives, targets and more.

Their previously implemented creatives were not being utilised to their full potential and had not been changed for over 6 months.

Upon recognising this issue, we analysed the current creatives in order to derive insights for informedly creating new and more effective ads.

The Methodology

Due to the many variations of the campaign, all pertaining data was pre-categorised based on keyword nature and long-tail terms. Together, they represented a massive portion of the entire traffic.

After structuring the data – it was clear to understand the aspects that were working and what wasn’t.

Ultimately, we could also now identify the crucial data-based insights which when coupled with a competitor analysis

– empowered us to informedly concoct new and improved creatives.

To ensure that variables like seasonality, price variations and competition didn’t influence our results, we concurrently ran the new ads alongside the old ones.

The Results

After running the old and new ads parallel for 30 days – the client received impressive returns as greater users took interest in the new ads.

The targeted ads were now effectively delivering a comparatively accurate messaging to the right people – and in the right stage of their conversion cycle.

The client resultantly experienced:

  • 41% improvement in Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • 3% drop in Sale Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) – now bringing in more sales – from less investment!

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