Data Case Study

Contiki | Data Insights

The Contiki Challenge

Contiki’s website users include both consumers and travel agents. Travel agents were coming to the website and booking trips using paid search and SEO which was skewing results and leading to “false” optimisations for both accounts.

An effective way to differentiate consumers and travel agents within Google Analytics was required to understand the effectiveness of all their adverting.


The Methodology

User type dimension was used to assign a user type to any one coming to the site. This was achieved using a data layer which communicated with  Google Tag Manager which in turn sent back user type information to the Google Analytics account. We were now able to have three views within the client’s Google Analytics Account;

  1. All website data
  2. Travel Agents
  3. Consumers


The Results

Transactions coming in to the Google Analytics profile reduced 74% October 2014 to November 2014.

With Adwords and Google Analytics linked, only consumer transactions started appearing in the Adwords interface. The process brought forward the real performance of the Adwords account and the ability to optimize only towards consumer transactions.

Negative remarketing was incorporated using the agent user type list to prevent agents from using paid search ads to get to the Contiki website.


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