CRO Case Study

ADT Security | CRO

The Challenge

Mobile web browsing is consistently growing each year; however many sites are still only optimised towards desktop visitors.

With the mobile user experience becoming more and more valuable, we need to look at each page through the lens of both desktop and mobile to maximise user experience and any given conversion goal.

ADT Security’s mobile PPC landing page had an extremely high average page load time, taking 17.7 seconds to fully render.

Both desktop and tablet had acceptable loading speeds and on-site engagement metrics, but mobile had a high bounce rate and lower than expected on-site click-to-call rate.

We sought to improve the mobile page speed and experience to create a higher call-lead conversion rate.

The Methodology

Rather than attempting to modify the current page – our in-house design team drew up a new page with an improved mobile UI to load quicker while providing more information to the user, reduce bounce rate and improve conversion rate.

For testing, we split PPC traffic using an A/B test to directly compare performance without interference from seasonality or channel.

To improve page load time, we cut down the number of product images on the page and removed an embedded video that was simply their TVC and did not provide much additional information. Heatmapping showed a majority of users clicking on the static images thinking there would be a link/information, so we replaced the images with graphical USP descriptions to better explain product features.

Google Analytics data from the original page showed a high bounce rate, and a significant portion of those who did not bounce went to the home page looking for more information. This was evidence that the current page did not provide a satisfying description of the product.

We used iconography, short text descriptions & drop-down descriptions to efficiently provide the user with more information without having to navigate away from the landing page, encouraging them to enquire more quickly and preventing drop-off.

An “Enquire Now” button was placed at the top of the page, as well as the middle and bottom to ensure that it was easy to enquire wherever a user was on the page. Previously, the enquiry CTA had been below the fold which forced users to scroll down and waste time finding it.

The Results

After one week of testing, each page had well over 300 sessions to help reach relevant statistical power.

Mobile page load speed for the new page improved 72%, falling from 17.7 seconds to just 4.9. The mobile call rate also increased significantly – rising 165% on the new page compared to the previous.

  • 165% increase in Call-Rate
  • 72% improvement in Mobile Page-Load Speed

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