Digital Cadets, May 2018

Why Attend?

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It’s simple – what’s on offer is an expedited path into one of Australia’s fastest growing, highest paying and most versatile industries. An industry with companies that host some of the most innovative, perk-heavy and enjoyable cultures you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll also hear keynotes on topics that only a very small portion of the world have access to – does Google talking about machine learning and the future of the internet tickle your fancy?

Oh, and it’s all free…

Internships & Job Opportunities

Becoming a digital marketer is the strongest career move a university graduate could make at this point in time. So a small selection of the industry’s brightest businesses are going to be contacting applicants with the possibility of jobs and interships.

Google – easily one of the world’s most exciting and game-changing companies – will be on the lookout for delegates who show that certain Google spark to join their teams.

Randstad’s Shaping Young Futures programme is primed to include fresh young faces from this year’s Digital Cadets. The programme aims to arm young graduates with everything they need to land a job in digital, as well as direct access to jobs in Randstad’s partner organisations.

And Indago Digital, Australia’s 50th fastest growing startup and a disruptive challenger brand in the digital agency space, are going to be offering job opportunities and internships to delegates.

Find out more about internships and job opportunities here.


On top of the industry’s most sought-after job opportunities, to assure this is your first step toward a career in digital marketing, we’ve partnered with the Association of Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA).

Digital Cadets attendees will be supported by ADMA, provided discounts on their Career Accelerator programme – a thorough certification that will put you a cut above when it comes to getting a job in digital. They will also be provided access to their 30Below initiative –  a professional networking group designed to help young marketers share thoughts, ideas, experiences and to learn and network.

You can find out more about ADMA’s programme here.

Who should attend?

If you’re interested in a career that’s rewarding, fun, and genuinely cutting edge every single day then the answer is you…

One of the core reasons for setting up Digital Cadets is the misunderstanding that to build a career in digital marketing you need to be studying marketing or public relations.

The skills the industry needs are broad and change almost monthly. Just have a look at some of the examples below:


DegreeExample – SkillExample – Digital Role
Accounting or CommerceAnalyticalPerformance Marketing
Engineering or Life SciencesProblem solvingAnalytics & Statistics
Design or ArchitectureArtisticDesigner/UX Specialist
IT or Computer ScienceTechnicalSEO/Product Owner
Communications StudiesCreative writingSocial Media/Campaign Manager
Psychology or Human SciencesPersonableAccount Manager/UX Researcher
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