Digital Cadets, May 2018

The Day

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9.009.15Welcome SpeechGary Nissim, MD at Indago Digital
9.159.45Round Table Discussion – Why Digital Marketing?Recent Grads in Digital Marketing
9.4510.45Machine Learning & The Future of the InternetMartin Curtis, Head of Performance at Google
10.4511.15Morning Tea and Meet your Next Boss
11.1511.45Earned Media – Interactive Workbook SessionPeter Dimakidis – Head of SEO at Indago Digital
11.4512.15Owned Media – Interactive Workbook SessionGary Nissim MD at Indago Digital
12.1512.45Paid Media – Interactive Workbook SessionGary Nissim MD at Indago Digital
12.4513.45Lunch and Meet your Next Boss
13.4514.45Salary Expectations and the Digital EcosphereLeigh Duncan, Executive Manager at Randstad
14.4515.15Managing your Personal PRTom Sadler, Marketing Director at Indago Digital
15.1515.45Afternoon Tea and Meet your Next Boss
15.4516.30My Experience in Digital MarketingKaren Ganshow – General Manager (Consumer Marketing) at NAB
16.30Finish & Home Time


Digital Cadets 2018 is being hosted on Friday the 11th Of May 2018 at none other than the Sydney Cricket Ground. The Steve Waugh Room is a premium place to spend the day and provide the perfect backdrop with views across the iconic cricket ground.

If you’re coming by public transport, we’d recommend you get off the bus at Moore Park. Alternatively, if you’re going to be driving in for the day, there’s plenty of parking space at Fox Studios next door to the cricket ground.

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