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Digital Cadets’ partners are always looking for young, talented, and motivated individuals to grow their global teams.

And as part of the event, delegates will be given the opportunity to network with key recruitment figures to be involved in internship programs and job opportunities.

Randstad, who are one of the world’s largest recruitment organisations, will be offering you the chance to apply for the Randstad Digital Graduates Programme. And Google, who need no introduction, will be looking to bring on delegates who show that special zest for digital.

The Australian digital marketing industry needs young talent, and Digital Cadets are the first in line.

What is Randstad’s Shaping Young Futures Programme?

Randstad takes the role played in unleashing the potential of companies and candidates seriously. With their Shaping Young Futures programme, they are committed to connecting young people with meaningful work experiences by using their expertise and passion to give the support needed to build meaningful careers.

Randstad aims to extend this in the digital space through their partnership with Digital Cadets. As a delegate, you will be eligible to apply for a place on a specially designed programme dedicated to connecting new graduates with opportunities in progressive companies in a digital role.

What About Google?

The range of jobs and internships at Google are broad.

  • Engineering and Technology – Engineers, operations and scientists
  • Business – Finance, marketing and strategy

As a pioneer and innovator in Australia and globally, Google are regularly looking for young, outstanding candidates to add to their teams.

Google will have representatives at the event and delegates will be considered for both intern and job opportunities. Attending Digital Cadets will bring you one step closer to landing that job at a global leader.

Don’t Forget About Indago Digital…

Indago Digital, a place that’s home to Australia’s best digital marketers and a brand that steers well clear of convention.

We rarely use interns but employ on average two graduates per year. We put them through their paces, train them hard and turn them into some of the industry’s most valued members. As evidence, our owners have employed and mentored some of the most respected and senior members of Australia’s digital marketing industry. Just ask around.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart, but if you’re the right person, a job at Indago Digital will be the best career decision you could ever make. (We’re currently looking for two graduates to join our paid media team)

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