May 2018


2018 Recap

Congratulations on earning your place at the inaugural Digital Cadets event and thank you for making it on the day! We had a great time and hope you all did too.


Please don’t forget to upload your ADMA accreditation to your LinkedIn profile and connect with Indago Digital on social media.


We’ve got a break down of the day below including what you thought of it and our competition winners!


Digital Cadets – Key Statistical Takeaways


Did Digital Cadets improve your knowledge of digital marketing?
  • 33% of students said that the day increased their knowledge more than they could have imagined
  • 48% of students said that the day increased their knowledge of digital marketing a great deal
  • 19% of students said that the day increased their knowledge of digital marketing a bit


How did you rate the event?
  • 54% of students said that it was excellent
  • 35% of students said that it was very good
  • 10% of students said that it was good


Would you be more likely to pursue a career in digital marketing after attending Digital Cadets?
  • 86% of students said they’re more likely to pursue a career in digital marketing after attending!


Do you think your University course needs a stronger focus on digital?
  • 65% of students said that they strongly agree
  • 31% of students said that they agree


The Winners


Individual Raffle Winner

Cynthia Chang (Google Pixel 2 phone and $500 UNiDAYS Voucher)

Digital Cadets 2018


Interactive Sessions – Overall Table Winner

Team Netscape (& Chill)

  1. Tom Quin-Conroy
  2. James Hu
  3. Rhojan Viloria
  4. Annj Poudel
  5. Bosko Perdulouski
  6. Jimmy Tran
  7. Philippe Briend

Digital Cadets 2018

Interactive Session One – Wireframes

This was the first interactive session of the day, with the clear winners being team Bebo.

We thought this would be one of the hardest exercises but it actually turns out it was the one where the room excelled. There were a lot of teams whose designs utilised an interactive map of Australia  – there was even one that stood out with an almost perfect drawing (honestly left us fairly ashamed of our own artistic abilities).

We selected the winning entry based on the following criteria:

  1. Well thought out
  2. Correct element sizing
  3. Calls to action are present
  4. Has a modern feel
  5. Contains all relevant information

Although all of the designs were awesome, some lacked thought around the way the content was organised. Bebo’s design was less ostentatious but was a clear leader due to a couple of things;

  • Sections were well organised and stood out from each other
  • The body content was consistent with the top navigation
  • Site had a clean structure with good use of spacing
  • Layout allowed key information to be effectively displayed
  • Site used relevant Calls to Action (CTAs)


Have a look at the winning design here (with some tweaks)!


Interactive Session Two – Content

Team Netscape won this session.

It was interesting to see how many tables produced very similar ideas. A lot of them focused on using influencers with various interests (cooking, photography, etc.) to produce and promote the content.

The reason why these tables didn’t win is that the focus of the campaign was on the influencers and the creative idea itself came as a secondary element. The brief was to focus on creating a unique content idea and this wasn’t always evident.

Indago selected the winning entry based on the following criteria:

  1. Originality of concept – Does the idea stand out from the pack and present a USP?
  2. Appropriateness of concept – Does the solution tick off all requirements within the brief?
  3. Feasibility of concept – How good a fit is the idea for the brand it is intended?

The winning concept was a “Virtual Reality Passport to Aus”

Its premise was simple: Design a series of virtual reality videos to help people explore places of interest in Australia from their home.

Each video would take on a separate theme to showcase the variety of destinations for travellers of all types:

  • The Outback
  • Rainforests
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • City Life


The content would be promoted via video sharing websites and social media platforms, which would ultimately redirect users to the main website.

Interactive Session Three – Media Plan


Netscape tied first in this one with a few other tables. This session was a simple mathematical exercise with each individual calculation carrying a weight of one point.

Overall the first part of the exercise, filling in the missing data, was completed well. The room didn’t fare so well in the second part, filling in the plan. As we said on the day, if you want to buy more of a product you need to buy that product at the lowest price – in this case, the lowest Cost Per Sale.


Click the link to download the correct calculations! – Digital Cadets 2018 – Acquisition Session Answers


Get Your Pics & Video

We’ve got heaps of photos and video footage of the day, so make sure you head over to our Facebook and Youtube and tag everyone who was there!



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