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Digital marketing is easily one of the fastest growing and most rewarding industries in the world. But one of the things missing from Australia’s industry is a supply of young, locally educated talent with a diverse range of skills…

Digital Cadets is your opportunity to not only become the missing piece, but be a future leader in an industry that is on the cusp of exploding into its full potential.

Whether you paint, code, count, design, write or strategise – you’re who we need…

What is Digital Cadets?

It’s a free one-day event for outstanding University students (no matter the degree) in their final and penultimate years of study who want to understand how to get into digital marketing. There’s 6 key outtakes you’ll get from attending Digital Cadets:

Insight – What is the future of the internet and how will machine learning change what we do as consumers and advertisers?

Advice – Speak to the people in the industry who recently graduated. What are they enjoying about the industry and what is their advice?

Skills – What skills does a digital marketer need in today’s ever-changing world? More importantly, what career suits the skills and knowledge you have, and are in the process of improving?

Employment – How do you land the best jobs in the industry? What do you need to be doing from a social media perspective, what should you be reading and how do you prepare for that interview?

Career – What does career progression look like? What salaries can you expect to earn and how do they compare to other industries?

Education – What do all those digital acronyms mean? Don’t understand the difference between SEO and SEM or CPM and CTR? You will soon.

What is the aim of Digital Cadets?

One of the key issues the digital marketing industry faces in Australia is the development of young, diverse and locally educated talent to fuel our standing as a world leader in the industry.

Digital Cadets aims to;

1. Educate all University students that their skills are valued in digital marketing

2. Train University students on the various subjects within digital marketing

3. Equip University students with the tools to land the best jobs in the industry

4. Bridge the gap between Universities and Australia’s digital marketing industry

Digital Cadets is currently based out of Sydney, but we’re looking to go much further abroad around Australia! So fill in the application form here and let us know where you want us to host a Digital Cadets event for you to attend!

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