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Digital Cadets

Digital marketing is easily one of the fastest growing and most rewarding industries in the world. But one of the things missing from Australia’s industry is a supply of young, locally educated talent with a diverse range of skills…

Digital Cadets is your opportunity to not only become the missing piece, but be a future leader in an industry that is on the cusp of exploding into its full potential.

Whether you paint, code, count, design, write or strategise – you’re who we need…

What is Digital Cadets?

It’s a free one-day event on Friday 11th May 2018 for outstanding university students (no matter the degree) in their final and penultimate years of study who want to get into digital marketing.

Insight – Google are going to be talking about machine learning, the future of the Internet, and the impact on advertising – does insight get more valuable?

Advice – Speak to the people in the industry who recently graduated, find out why it’s such an incredible career and ask their advice on how to do the same.

Skills – Learn, and possibly be surprised by, what skills a digital marketer needs in today’s ever-changing world. More importantly, find out what career path in digital is best suited to you.

Employment – How do you land the best jobs in the industry? What do you need to be doing from a social media perspective, what should you be reading and how do you prepare for that interview?

Career – What does career progression look like? You’ll be pleased to find out that in digital marketing, salary increases sit on a fairly steep curve.

Education – What do all those digital acronyms mean? Is SEO witchcraft? What’s the difference between SEO and SEM, or CPM and CTR? We’re going to tell you it all.

What is the aim of Digital Cadets?

Our aim is to hand you the keys to a future that’s lucrative, fun and highly enjoyable. How do we plan on doing that? There are a few different ways. We’re going to:

1. Educate you on how your skills are valued in digital marketing

2. Train you on the various subjects within digital marketing

3. Equip you with the tools to land the best jobs in the industry

4. Bridge the gap between university and Australia’s digital marketing industry

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