Share of Voice


To beat your competitors you must first understand them

At Indago Digital we believe that in order to beat your competitors you must first understand them. The below Tableau graphic shows the share of voice by company for a number of industry verticals.

What is a share of voice?

  1. Top 50 keywords in each industry vertical are found using the Google Keyword Tool
  2. All of the companies that rank on the first 5 pages for those 50 keywords are identified and their rank recorded
  3. A average click through rate is used based upon Indago’s client base
  4. The share of voice then shows the percentage of total possible traffic that each company is achieving

To make this data more useful it is updated every month so that the biggest winners and losers of each month can tracked.

We hope that you find this tool useful and would love your feedback. We have started with a limited number verticals but will continue to update and build this tool out.

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