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Technical SEO Audit

Search engines provide guidance on how each technical aspect of a website should be implemented. The main purpose is to help webmasters make their sites search engine friendly and allow the search engines to effectively crawl and index websites.

Our SEO audit will reveal all the technical SEO issues that are currently inhibiting performance in search engine results. We take a granular approach and assess clients’ websites against more than a hundred technical factors .We use sophisticated tools to test multiple factors including but not limited to your site’s structure, SEO tags, load speed, mobile usability, structured markup, social tags, internal linking, accessibility and protocol. We then present our findings and recommendations in a thorough yet simple, easy-to-follow format. This will provide detailed guidance to your developer to implement and allow you to understand the purpose behind each recommendation. All of our SEO recommendations are graded by potential impact and ease of implementation enabling easy prioritization for your SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Selecting the right keyword strategy is without doubt key to the success of any SEO campaign. Indago take time to understand your offering, audiences, competitors and content, before we take a deep dive into keyword research to find the most suitable keywords to target. We consider search volume, relevance, intent, seasonality, competition, and current results when selecting the keywords to target.

We aim to leverage all your current content to target relevant keywords. Additionally, we’ll find opportunities to create new content and effectively target another set of profitable keywords.

For example if you were a Sydney based hotel there will be certain keywords that will be directly relevant to your services such as “Hotel Accommodation Sydney”. Our keyword research will also help identify other keywords such as “Tourist Attractions Sydney”, that you might not be currently targeting but will allow targeting users who are at an earlier stage in the buying process.

Throughout our Keyword Research process we establish a benchmark for your visibility, rankings and landing page performance. Once that’s done, we produce our keyword strategy, communicate it with you and initiate the content optimization process.

Link Audit

A link audit process will analyze your website’s links and check for any unwanted links pointing to the site. Our audit will also look for opportunities within your existing links. These opportunities may include re-calibrating links to broken pages, image links, lost links, anchor text and others.

Keeping unnatural , spammy links is bad for your SEO as Google targets them in the Penguin algorithm. Our link audit will reveal the links that need to be removed. Efforts should then be made to contact webmasters and remove those links. Alternatively, Google offers a tool to disavow spammy links straight from Google Search Console (Formerly called Webmaster Tools).

Opportunities will be prioritized based on difficulty level and included in our link strategy. Initially leveraging opportunities within existing links will deliver a better ROI before we begin to focus on building new links. Once the link audit has been completed the results will be included in your overall SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding and monitoring your online competitors can offer great insight into SEO tactics that work for your industry vertical. Whether you’re an industry leader or a newcomer, it is important to be aware of your online SEO competitors and act accordingly.

Our competitor analysis provide insights into competitors’ links, rankings and content. From there, we’ll determine who the main online players are (could be different than offline) and learn tactics that apply to your website. Examining competitor backlinks will not only tell us about their link building strategies but will also allow us to find opportunities / quick wins for our clients. Additionally when performing a competitor ranking analysis, we will be able to find new keywords for your business to target, understand the reasons why they’re ranking and learn from their best performing landing pages.

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