SEM Audit

SEM audits provide a great way to understand the effectiveness of your current SEM strategy. Every prospective Indago Digital account undergoes a comprehensive audit. This includes a whole array of factors which enable us to rate the account and pick out the potential improvements.

The audit includes reviews of:

  • Engine performance metrics such as average CPC, CTR and average position.
  • Conversion metrics such as conversion rate, cost per conversion and return on investment.
  • Tracking platforms in use.
  • Visible trends in any of the metrics and seasonality.
  • In market competition and competitive metrics like impression share, lost impression by budget and rank.
  • Campaign settings including locations targeted, budget delivery, language settings.
  • Campaign structure including keywords (with match types), ads and ad extensions.

Once the SEM audit has been completed we will present the findings back to you and your team. We also include a strategy and forecasting session to show you how much more profitable your SEM campaign could be if you decided to work with us.

Every SEM campaign is different however completing a comprehensive SEM audit will help uncover wastage in your SEM spend and help you extract every potential cent from your digital marketing investment.