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Increase your visibility in search engines and various digital channels.

What is PPC / SEM and Why Do Businesses Need It?

Search engine marketing, otherwise known as Paid search or PPC is the process of attracting highly relevant visitors to your website via paid efforts, primarily from Google’s search and display networks but also from Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Paid search let you control exactly what search terms or websites you want your advert to appear on making your targeting specific and resulting in one of the highest ROI. However, that’s not the only great thing about SEM. Re-marketing is one of today’s most sophisticated targeting methods that allows advertising to a specific section of your target market, such as users who have been on your website and haven’t converted however, this can be narrowed down using hundred of factors to allow reaching users that are more likely to process a transaction.

Paid search allows businesses to drive leads, increase sales and enhance their brand. It also let them prevent their competitors from stealing their customers because competitors’ ads can also appear on your brand search terms. Seasonality is an important aspect for certain industries and paid search marketing allows you easily to increase / decrease your budget spend and target event specific terms.

Indago’s Approach To SEM / Paid Search Marketing

indago digital approaches paid search with a view to the entire user journey from first touch through purchase and possible re-sale.

At indago we pride ourselves on the standard of our work and we love driving excellent results for our clients.

We utilise:

The full suite of optimisation tools and reporting features available
Partnerships with the best technology in market
Only the best people to manage your account. No juniors, only experts.

This lets us build effective strategy for paid marketing across multiple platforms including search, display, video and social media. We do not work exclusively with any one publisher, rather we will tailor a portfolio of activity specifically for your marketing goals.

Indago’s Paid Search Strategy

indago digital brings together bleeding edge strategy and best-in-class technology to deliver a digital marketing program tailored for our clients individual needs. The search engine marketing landscape is constantly shifting and we are advantageously placed to promote our clients with industry support from both publishers and our technological partners. Where a larger agency will take months to force change through bottlenecks, indago will get it done.

Our approach to paid search incorporates a proven track record with over 30 years combined SEM industry experience. With clients from mid-market to top-tier companies in Australia and New Zealand, indago strives to provide excellence in both results and service.

Account set theory is vital in driving efficiency in paid search management. The search market is an auction, with competitors attempting to outbid and outmaneuver each other without pause. It can be daunting for a new advertiser to enter this market without first understanding how to compete.

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Building SEM Accounts

In order to foster the user experience they want, Google rewards advertisers who present the most relevant results to a user’s search query. This represents a huge opportunity for clever advertisers to develop paid search programs that cater to a broad range of searches and offer a targeted, keyword-rich ad for whatever query may cross the auctioneer’s floor.

indago works closely with publishers such as Google, Bing & Facebook to make the most of new features as they are introduced to the market. Account innovations & technological automation’s will be used to optimise activity wherever possible.
As with the architecture of a building or a bridge, search accounts are composed of a complex structure of intersecting keyword sets. indago uses a sophisticated naming convention to manage the immense data sets required to win in the search market. It’s also essential to use dimensions to categorise accounts into relevant groups for ease of reporting.

SEM Reporting & Client Management

SEM is all about data and how it is represented. Various platforms provide different data sets and it is important to make sense of all that information. This is the focus at Indago – converting data into information which becomes knowledge over time.

We use a variety of tools to create reports including Kenshoo, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Yellowfin, Tableau and Advanced Excel. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” reporting. All clients are different and that’s how the reporting is treated as well. We build bespoke reports using the platforms that fits the client’s requirements. All reports include commentary and insights which can be used for optimisation and other decisions. We try to be proactive in our approach towards SEM rather than reacting to changes. Besides standard reporting, all clients are able to request ad-hoc reports at any time.

The best way to keep a client happy is to deliver on performance, but that’s not the end of client management. To keep a healthy relationship with clients, it is important to understand their business as best as possible. At the start of the relationship we agree on terms like response times, deliverables, and targets among other things which removes ambiguity. We get heavily involved in our clients’ business as such where we are seen as a partner and not just their SEM agency. Quarterly business reviews enable us to stay focussed on the long term goals of the client. We thrive to continually suggest new and effective ideas to our clients, not limited to just SEM.

Employee Training

Employing the best people in the trade is only half the job, that’s what we believe in. The job is only complete when there is a good training structure in place. New employees are given a rigorous schedule they must following during the first four weeks of employment. This schedule is built to familiarise them with the industry, the technologies we use and the techniques we employ. It is also designed to test their analytical and creative thinking.

There isn’t a formal mentorship program in place because we believe that each person brings something different to the table and the employees should have access to every member of the team. Instead, we have what we call super-users. Each Indago employee is a super-user in the sense that they have expertise in a specific area, be it Excel, AdWords or Social. Super-users are available to new employees and the veterans alike.

All ideas are good ideas, some require more guidance and direction than others. Free thinking is the best way to foster new ideas and that’s what we do here at Indago. Everyone is allowed to bring anything to the table, so long it adds value to the business.

Each member of Indago’s team has a yearly training budget of $2,000 enabling them to attend conferences or training programs that keep them on top of their game.