Google Display Network

Google still has the largest display network in the country and some of the sharpest targeting options. Globally it reaches over 90% of internet users and includes inventory from most of Australia’s major publishers.

What sets the Google Display Network apart are the plethora of targeting options.

Ad Format Options include:

  • Text Ad

  • Display Ad

  • App Promotion Ad

  • Video Ad

On top of those targeting options we can overlay dynamic re-marketing, changing our messaging based on our own inventory, changing -creatives, pricing, stock levels, colours – in essence anything our clients want.

It’s not as effective as traditional search but its so controllable that it’s a fantastic display option.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Demographic

  • Interest

  • Contextual

  • Individual Site Placement

  • Audiences

  • Topics

These targeting options can also be combined to further refine that target audience.