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Purchase display to either drive ROI and help the conversion rates

Buying media from single publishers isn’t something indago digital look to do

We are not a branding or media agency but a performance based business who drive incremental sales and growth for our clients.

indago digital purchase display to either drive ROI or to aid brand recall and help the conversion rates of other channels. To measure this efficiently we use attribution software and modelling.

Great creative will always aid great results

Whether we’re talking about a rare and special viral campaign, a decent looking website or a plain old text advert, great creatives aid great results. They entice consumers to click, to complete a purchase, to share with there friends or e-mail to their colleagues.

It’s an area of a campaign that cannot be overlooked and under invested in. Although creatives are well tested in more expensive above the line mediums such as T.V they are rarely tested with digital campaigns. A little pre-testing with focus groups or via a soft launch, will save money in the long term and help drive better results.

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