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Google Tag Manager

Setup and management of tags that are probably sat on your site.

Google Tag Manager

Re-marketing, analytics, bid management, call tracking and a number of other tags are probably sat on your site.

Some you don’t use, are not sure who even put them there but all are slowing down the site’s load speed and losing you customers. Tag management enables you to have one set of tags on your site that all your other tags sit within.

Indago Digital use Google’s free ‘Google Tag Manager’ (GTM) solution as like their analytics product it’s good and it’s free. Not only does it speed up your site’s load speed we are no longer reliant on your developer to upload new tags. Within the GTM interface we have a clean list of tags and can add and remove them with relative ease. There is even a Chrome add on to check if its correctly implemented.

Google Tag Manager Strategy

Indago Digital always start every project with a strategy meeting. We need to understand what tracking tags that are currently on your site and what tags are likely to be added in the future. Next we need to understand what conversions you are looking to track and how those conversions are fired.

Typical questions will include:

What tags are you currently using?

What conversions are you tracking?

On which pages do the conversions happen?

Are the conversion on your site or a 3rd party?

Are you currently cross domain tracking?

Google Tag Manager Audit

Indago Digital will perform a Google Tag Manager audit to understand how we can optimise your current set up. We use a number of tools to do this including Google Tag Assist and Ghostery.

Things we check include but are not limited to:

Is Google Tag Manager on every page?

Is Google Tag Manager correctly installed?

Is cross domain tracking being used where required?

Google Tag Manager Implementation and Testing

The strategy document and audit are combined to form an implementation strategy. Indago Digital prefer to test Google Tag Manager changes on a test site if possible. Once the tags have been tested they are then rolled out to the live site.

Indago Digital can also provide ongoing maintenance if required. Services include:

Periodic checking of the Google Tags

Addition of new pages

Addition of new 3rd party tags

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