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What Is International SEO and Why Is It Important?

International SEO is optimising a website to help it rank in beyond solely its origin country; through correct audience targeting and information relevancy.

International SEO is crucial for businesses expanding overseas that need to target various countries, cultures and languages. It also benefits businesses already experiencing significant foreign inbound traffic.

Some applicable URL optimisations include specific ccTLD, country specific subdomains, internationalised sub-directories, general TLD with a language and country parameter, and a different domain name with generic TLD.

One of the fundamental aspects for international SEO aspect is gearing content towards a specific language and/or it’s nuances. For e.g. American English, British English and Australian English have their own spelling, currencies, and naming conventions.

What Is International SEO and Why Is It Important?

International SEO at Indago Digital

At Indago Digital we employ recent, best-practice techniques which promise optimal results.

The most popular implementation for clientele is our hreflang implementation. In theory – It’s perceived as an easy tactic but bears tricky implementation.

We’ve experienced many successes during implementation with few failures that provided great learnings for us and clients.

A key takeaway being that tailored content is of paramount importance. Even if it is merely a few tweaks, clients can underestimate its importance. Yet now we know – without the right content, hreflang simply won’t function to a 100% capacity.

Our Methodology and Results

With over fifteen international SEO projects under our belt, we have developed clear strategies and processes that we know work. Whether that be hreflang implementation, URL optimisation or content localisation, we are experts in international targeting.

A Clear Understanding

A Clear Understanding - Before getting a client’s approval on such projects, we ensure that the client understands what the process involves, what needs to be completed from both parties, and the risks of not implementing intricate parts of the process.

Developer Communication

Developer Communication - After sign-off, we conduct extensive communication with the client’s developers who implement the technicalities involved. An all-around understanding of the importance of these changes is important when ensuring a successful outcome.


Implementation - Technical implementation is carefully managed from both sides, with pre and post checks to cull out the errors.

Custom Content Reviewal

Custom Content Reviewal - Tailored content is carefully reviewed throughout the process to ensure that all necessary aspects have been revised and implemented.

Meet Our

SEO Agency Team

As an SEO agency, we hand-pick skill sets to maximise your search engine potential.

In an ever-changing industry, we stay ahead in the latest SEO trends and tools by learning from industry events, internal integrated training and shared-knowledge sessions. Our SEO team consists of developers, data scientists, creatives and content writers.

With over 60 years of combined experience in a broad range of verticals such as; travel, finance, retail, hospitality and more – we’ve perfected the craft of profitable SEO.

SEO Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Karen Lewis
    Karen Lewis
    55 years ago
    Head of Digital - Employsure ;

    When I started at Employsure, Indago Digital were already running our SEO campaign and with strong results. Since then we’ve started to work even more collaboratively, we have embarked on some innovative projects and the results have been even better. They employ good people who are keen to work hard and know their stuff when it comes to SEO.

  • Sandra (Nathaniel) Wills
    Sandra (Nathaniel) Wills
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Manager - Noble Oak Life ;

    We always bought into the fact that SEO was a critical channel for us to be investing into but hadn’t had the success we were hoping for through other agencies. Although we’ve a long way to go the early signs are positive. SEO sessions and conversions are up! We’ve now decided to use their PPC services as well.

  • Emily Jane Stevenson
    Emily Jane Stevenson
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Manager - The Merivale Group ;

    Like any relationship, it’s important that you put your best foot forward. The on-boarding process with indago digital has been the most seamless I’ve experienced, and we’ve been impressed with the results they’ve been driving.

  • Jeremy Reitman
    Jeremy Reitman
    6 years ago
    Director, Digital Marketing - Expedia ;

    We’ve worked with Gary & Indago from day one. They’ve been instrumental in helping bring the Helloworld brand to life online through various performance marketing means. Their team of experts focused on everything digital from paid search, organic (SEO), mobile web/app, analytics, re-targeting. Unlike most other agencies, Indago felt like a direct extension to the core helloworld team & elected to be involved in strategic meetings to achieve the desired results.

  • Tim Connew
    Tim Connew
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Manager - Contiki Holidays ;

    We moved to indago digital as we wanted an agency who would provide us with the support and face to face time we require. We’re a brand that employs customer-centric people and wanted an agency that held those same values. After six months of working with indago, we now have an agency who shares our values and is driving our business forward through proven expertise and hard work.

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