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What Is Online Display and Why Is It Important?

Online display is probably the most recognisable form of online advertising. From Blogs to News sites, YouTube to Mobile Apps, most websites or apps have some display advertising component.

Display advertising traditionally consists of static image banner ads, but can include animated GIFs, HTML5 rich media, embedded video, dynamic creatives and more.

Websites offer space on their pages (called ‘inventory’) and receive payment from ad servers in exchange. Advertisers bid on these inventory slots or secure exclusive takeover deals, to display their images (called ‘creative’) to users.

Users are targeted through a range of criteria including demographics, interests, context, remarketing and more. Display is a strong solution for targeting users wherever they may be active on the web, and not just when they are searching.

What Is Online Display and Why Is It Important?

Online Display at Indago Digital

At Indago Digital, our structured display advertising approach incorporates researching target audiences upon briefing. Based on the findings, we construct campaigns around the promising, high-return targets.

We use third-party tracking on all display activity through publishers, GDN and programmatic (DSP), to accurately measure display impact on client KPIs. Beyond awareness-focused, branded campaigns, we integrate display into a client’s broader strategy.

Display is rarely the last touchpoint in a user’s path to conversion. Hence, we attribute values beyond typical CPM, Impressions and CTR metrics, to more impactful measures like assisted conversions and view-through conversions.

Our Methodology and Results

Our methodology in display is based on ensuring a solid foundation upon which we can build, grow and optimise our campaigns. We believe that with this approach, we can run the most efficient campaigns to deliver on clientele-set KPIs.

Research and identifying audiences

Research and identifying audiences - The first step includes researching and defining key audience characteristics.

If the client does not have a clear picture of their users, we use data sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook to identify key characteristics. This includes demographics, interests, context, remarketing, location, hour of day, day of week, and more.

We define and agree target audiences with clientele prior commencing the campaign’s construction.

User targeting

User targeting - We now formulate the best way to reach our previously identified target audiences.

If we have access to the appropriate 1st or 3rd party data sets, then programmatic display is ideal in reaching audiences. If we do not have said data, display advertising through GDN proves equally effective.

We utilise such methods when targeting users through networks containing a collection of websites.

Campaign construction

Campaign construction - After deducing the ideal channels, we build a campaign which allows us control over spend, performance and reporting.

We adopt a granular approach running multiple campaigns in tandem, divided by elements such as targeting type, demographics or locations.

This gives us the ability to identify the efficient campaign elements, optimise towards them for wasted spend reduction, and maximise meeting clientele KPIs.

Reporting and recommendations

Reporting and recommendations - Through the campaign’s entire live time, we report on performance and keep clientele across campaign progress. This includes any opportunities of adjustments to spend, targeting or campaign run time.

A granular setup allows us to pinpoint elements driving the best performance which not only inform current campaigns, but also allow us to plan more effective future campaigns.

Meet Our

Paid Media Team

Indago Digital’s Paid Media team comprises of various academic backgrounds, from Computer Science, Economics, Psychology to Marketing. We are also music, video games, sports and tech enthusiasts.

This wide range of skills and expertise helps us create well-researched, creative and purposeful strategies.

Indago Digital’s philosophy is expertise over experience when sourcing talent. This enables us to hand-pick an award-winning team, in which members thrive by furthering knowledge and expertise.

Paid Media Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Hemant Kokularupan
    Hemant Kokularupan
    55 years ago
    General Manager - Chisholm Institute ;

    It’s been a pleasure working with Indago Digital and not just from a digital marketing perspective. Their understanding of our vertical and the nuances of Chisholm itself is nothing short of remarkable. That understanding is critical in driving results in what is a highly competitive vertical.

  • Alon Berman
    Alon Berman
    55 years ago
    Chief Digital Officer - Firewater ;

    Gary & his team are leagues ahead in the digital world leading the search marketing race by a mile!

  • Rebecca Newton
    Rebecca Newton
    55 years ago
    Group Head of Marketing - Crown Resorts ;

    The relationship is still in its infancy but in the short time that we’ve worked with indago digital we’re been impressed with the level of dedication and detail placed onto our campaigns. We work with numerous people there who are effectively communicating with each other to make sure that nothing drops off and none of our IP is lost.

  • Bridget Toogood
    Bridget Toogood
    55 years ago
    Digital Marketing Executive - AAT Kings ;

    We decided to work with Indago Digital due to the work they’ve conducted with the rest of the Travel Corporation. As well as driving instant results and being subject matter experts they’ve helped us by supplying training, suggesting other channels to utilise and by providing client services in a way we believe an agency should.

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