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What Is Microsoft Advertising Management and Why Is It Important?

Although Google is the leader among search engines, Bing has enough market share to obtain the attention of advertisers seeking more traffic, conversions or leads.

Bing’s advertising platform, Microsoft Advertising, has improved drastically with new features and updates every few months.

Managing Microsoft Advertising is equally valuable as Google Ads. They both play their part in overall performance. If you already advertise through Google Ads, the right settings allow campaign importing and syncing into Microsoft Advertising. You can hence run the same ads on Bing without creating new campaigns.

But wait – just because you can mirror what you did on Google, doesn’t mean performance will be the same for Bing as it comparatively drives lower CPCs & CPAs. If searches on Bing assimilate Google’s, you may be holding under-optimised accounts.

What Is Microsoft Advertising Management and Why Is It Important?

Microsoft Advertising Management at Indago Digital

Sync, Sync, Sync!

When intricacies like ad copy, budgets, and ad extensions are updated on Google Ads, the updates will be automatically applied to synced Bing Ads campaigns.

Indago Digital considers Bing Ads as its own entity and which warrant unique data for optimisation decisions. Bing has a different audience with different behaviours, and their users may respond better to different aspects than those on Google.

Managing Bing as its own entity is one part of the puzzle but instead of splitting the two engines by budget, we focus by highly performing campaigns. Whether that be on the Google or Bing platform.

Our Methodology and Results

Our approach to managing Bing Ads campaigns is quite like our Google Ads management – minus the build. The four key focus targets being; Sync, Analysis & Optimisation, Strategy & Experimentation, and Monitoring & Reporting.

Sync Campaigns

Sync Campaigns - Once we have finalised the Google Ads keywords and ad copy, we are ready to sync our campaigns to Bing.

We ensure that we select the right aspects to sync, and those to leave out. In particular, the tracking templates which potentially interfere with our tracking or bid adjustments and over-inflate any adjustments.

Analysis & Optimisation

Analysis & Optimisation - We optimise Bing Ads alongside Google Ads campaigns via Search Ads 360. In the same realm, if we see a campaign performing well, we would allocate more budget and increase bids; vice versa if a campaign is under performing, we would re-allocate budgets to better performing campaigns.

However, it is important to consider when analysing Bing results, we don’t action too quickly from the assumptions we make using low volume data. The more data there is, the better.

Strategy & Experimentation

Strategy & Experimentation - Our strategy depends on our client goals. This ranges from having the highest share of voice, keywords being in top position to implementing the right bid strategy.

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and experiments to improve performance, in which we are happy to recommend to our clients.

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring & Reporting - Generally, Bing Ads performance will be segmented within our reports to make it easy for our clients to pick and choose where they want to look.

Although Bing ads usually have low traffic, they still increase the visibility of our client’s ads as this platform is not as competitive as Google. Similarly, to Google Ads, we then make recommendations on how we can improve our campaigns to reach client’s KPIs.

Meet Our

Paid Media Team

Indago Digital’s Paid Media team comprises of various academic backgrounds, from Computer Science, Economics, Psychology to Marketing. We are also music, video games, sports and tech enthusiasts.

This wide range of skills and expertise helps us create well-researched, creative and purposeful strategies.

Indago Digital’s philosophy is expertise over experience when sourcing talent. This enables us to hand-pick an award-winning team, in which members thrive by furthering knowledge and expertise.

Paid Media Testimonials

Successful Stories

  • Jonathan Kwan
    Jonathan Kwan
    55 years ago
    Search Account Manager - Microsoft Search ;

    I was recently placed as the account manager on Indago’s SEM accounts and I’ve been impressed with the way they work. They’ve been quick to work with us on new beta’s, use the platform’s advanced targeting options and realise the true potential of Bing as an integral channel in the digital sphere for driving top performance for their clients.

  • Alan Chapman
    Alan Chapman
    55 years ago
    Senior Director- Marketing and Communications - Robert Half ;

    It’s refreshing to have an agency which practises what it preaches in its pitch. The ideas, flare and passion that came across in our initial meetings is still very much there. We started with Indago servicing Australia and quickly expanded their support into other regional markets.

  • Hemant Kokularupan
    Hemant Kokularupan
    55 years ago
    General Manager - Chisholm Institute ;

    It’s been a pleasure working with Indago Digital and not just from a digital marketing perspective. Their understanding of our vertical and the nuances of Chisholm itself is nothing short of remarkable. That understanding is critical in driving results in what is a highly competitive vertical.

  • Arsham Imani
    Arsham Imani
    55 years ago
    VP ANZ - Kenshoo ;

    Indago is one of our partner agencies here in Australia and we knew they’d grow a solid client base quickly but more importantly use our technology the way it’s intended to be. Kenshoo is a powerful tool and it’s great to see it being pushed to its limits.

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