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Google’s Squared Online Course

What Is Google's Squared Online Certification?

Developed with Google and powered by AVADO – Squared Online is a global qualification for marketeers seeking a step into digital marketing.

The Squared Online initiative aims to offer, arguably one of the strongest, digital marketing courses at hand for ambitious marketeers to undertake.

The Squared Online course is run over 5 months and nurtures attendee skillsets in becoming a digital marketing leader – one fully equipped with innovative approaches when applying course learnings in their respective fields.

The course is highly suitable for:

  • Marketeers looking to increase digital comprehension and master a marketing skillset beyond current channels.
  • Graduates proactively pursuing or considering a digital marketing career.
  • Non-marketeers with a proficient, general marketing awareness – seeking their next, fast-paced learning curve.
What Is Google's Squared Online Certification?

Squared Online Accredited With Indago Digital

This isn’t your run of the mill ‘course’ or extra-curricular educational vehicle. A crowd-sourced resource which utilises the experience of industry leaders – Squared Online is dedicated to any looking to excel ahead of the pack to earn their digital marketing stripes.

And who better to put them through their paces than Indago Digital’s founding father – Gary Nissim?

The course features a polished key-outcome-based learning structure, recurringly hosted by the digital marketing industry’s finest. And Indago Digital’s Gary Nissim features amongst these select trainers.

Learn with the best the industry has to offer, and you may just find yourself taught by yours truly!

Mastering The Course Milestones - Step-By-Step

Squared Online Outline & Modules

The Squared Online Course features a progressive chain of learning modules – beyond mere theoretical frameworks. It makes room for the practical, hands-on work to instil you with the key application-based experiences that make a digital marketer.

Module 1 - Embracing Change

Module 1 - Embracing Change - Learn the concepts of digital disruption and the resulting technologically, ever-changing consumer behaviours and business practices.

This first module centres around the importance of embracing digital marketing stratagem, and how adopting digital-first behaviours helps business prosperity in the rising digital age.

Module 2 – Customer-centricity

Module 2 – Customer-centricity - Learn how to map your customer’s journey in this digital age, and the correct customer-centric approach to effective target-market engagement.

This second module provides the necessary frameworks you will need to map your customer journey, based on their needs. And furthermore, help you plan effective engagement strategies.

Module 3 – Digital Channels & Technologies

Module 3 – Digital Channels & Technologies - Learn to integrate the necessary technology and required tools for effectively tapping into your targeted market-segment.

This third module exposes you to the abundance of engagement channels at your disposal such as display, video and search - in reaching out to your audience in a timely manner!

Module 4 – Data, Analytics & Insights

Module 4 – Data, Analytics & Insights - Learn to assess, evaluate and interpret data to comprehend your customer’s mindset, and put these learnings into action for effective business growth!

This fourth module introduces attendees to the Google Analytics platform, and concepts such as attribution modelling to knowledgeably implement data-based marketing decisions.

Module 5 – Creating Change

Module 5 – Creating Change - Learn to enact customer-centric strategies and business decisions, while considering technological updates and the greater digital landscape.

This fifth and final module recaps the course learnings and contextualises them into actionable routes of target-market engagement. The key outcome here is to ready attendees in self-sufficiently recommending such digital-first marketing strategies for organisational success.

Google’s Squared Online award-winning course is a highly acknowledged accreditation on a global scale in the digital marketing industry. The AVADO-powered course not only connects you to digital marketers across the world but is accredited by CPD and endorsed by the IAB and IPA.

Being developed, designed and delivered by Google – the initiative is geared to successfully produce digital marketers of high-calibre.

Check key dates and funding options and take your first step in joining over 8500 accredited graduates as an innovation-driven digital marketer today!


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