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The New Dog In Town

Why indago – and why the dog?

When we formed the business we were desperate not to be an acronym or have some reference to clicks or ROI, but still wanted our brand to reflect what we do.

Squeezing Out The Creative Juices ..

On trying to decide the name the usual ridiculousness ensued, horrid ideas were put forward and then one of us came with with indago digital. We’ve had a few names – The Marketing Sanctuary, Arch Marketing  but indago digital worked. No one could or ever would be able to pronounce it and no one knows what it means;


Latin Verb;

1. Track, trace, hunt by tracking

2. Explore, investigate, hunt for

It’s exactly what we do – we use tracking technologies to hunt new customers for our client base. We’re not shy to say that we use every guerrilla tactic in the digital marketeers arsenal to hunt potential customers and convert them to paying clients. It’s why we’re great at what we do.

The thing we liked the most it that’s it’s a story and one that reflected what we believe in – good story telling is important in all walks of life and business is no different.

We then wanted a logo which would continue the theme and reflect us as people. We didn’t want our initials, no interest in a corporate feel and are bored of various shades of red as a colour. (That was the brief)

We chose to work with Sotiri from Squeeze Creative and it was a great decision. The dog, an English Pointer perfectly reflects the brand and the people who work within the business. It’s also fun, partners that brand name perfectly and continues the ‘story telling’ theme.


The new dog is here to stay and is already proving that it’s hunting ability is second to none.

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