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Man Vs Machine Learning A Guide to SEM Automation in 2022

Automated solutions allow Google advertisers to refocus how they spend their time and where they can add value. With space to step back from the manual turning of the cogs in the machine, there’s more room to focus on strategy, experimentation and most importantly nailing KPIs.

In almost all cases, we’ve found that Google Ad’s automated solutions are as effective or more effective than the manual solution.

Don’t be fooled, automation is not a ‘set and forget’ quick fix that you can wipe your hands of and walk away (despite what Google ad tutorials would lead us all to believe). We treat automations like employees. They need to be trained and given the tools they need to succeed. They also make mistakes during the learning process and in the absence of good information (data).

In our new ‘SEM Automation in 2022’ guide, we’ve created a simple score card of time saved, upkeep required and effectiveness for each of the automated options available on Google Ads, including:

Smart Shopping minimises management by simplifying campaign management and expands the reach of Shopping campaigns, allowing for automated remarketing across the display network.

Smart Bidding is a set of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimise bids across campaigns

Smart Display utilises the full spectrum of Google products to target users with a higher propensity to fulfill a desired action or goal, makes asset creation much simpler and reduces some of the upfront time and cost associated with creating bespoke images.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) use Google’s index of a website to match the contents of a page to incoming search queries.

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) create many different combinations of headlines and descriptions from a single ad unit to find the most effective combinations.

With the increasing amount of data available and constant machine learning improvements, we can only see these solutions becoming more effective in time and providing even greater benefits.

Download the complete ‘SEM Automation in 2022’ guide here to find out how automated options can simplify, streamline and supercharge your SEM efforts.

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