Powerful Mobile Marketing Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

This is a guest post by 3 White Hat’s Isaac Bullen

Mobiles have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility to be not only a communication device in so many ways, but due to the applications that can be used on them which help in the user’s everyday life. While mobiles are one of the main sources to browse the internet these days, many business owners are still struggling to boost their conversion rate through their mobile marketing campaign. If you’re having problems with this, then this expert guide will give you the most powerful mobile marketing tips that you can use to help boost your conversion rate.
Let’s get started.

Make a Mobile Responsive Website

Believe it or not, some businesses still don’t have a mobile responsive website in place to cater to the newly developed devices that are available. A responsive design is where your website adapts itself to the screen size. A website that isn’t responsive will show up desktop size on a mobile phone making it hard to navigate for the mobile user. Instead it’s a good idea to redesign your website to be mobile responsive.

If you’re building a new site and are gearing it towards mobile friendliness here’s some things to consider:

  • The layout and where the navigation points will be. Remember that mobile users tend to use their thumbs when navigating. Keep this in mind when designing your site and placing your icons.
  • Avoid adding too much to your site. Make it simple. Remember mobile users have a small screen, so they need to be able to find what they want in a hurry without having to try and navigate through an endless stream of navigation points.
  • Depending on your website hosting plan, make sure any high resolution images or videos won’t slow down the loading speed of your website. Slow websites, even on mobiles, will deter people from using them.

Making your website mobile friendly will help to boost your conversions greatly which in turn will put more money back in your pocket.

Use Heat Mapping to Your Advantage

Heat mapping is a great way to see whether there’s areas of your website that may be leading mobile users away. Heat mapping is similar to a heat signature. Utilising heat mapping to your advantage is a great way to not only see where you visitors are navigating on your site, but it also shows whether there’s a navigation point or page that visitors are leaving on. Benefits of heat mapping include:

  • It can help improve your conversion rate by removing distractions.
  • It can show you which areas of the website that are grabbing interest of your visitors.
  • It can show you key points of your website which may be lacking or not working.

This valuable information allows you to analyse your website better, and also allows you to remove any key elements which may be distracting your visitors from completing their journey through the sales funnel.

Create QR Codes

For next level mobile marketing you can start using QR codes. These codes are very popular in Japan. Quick Response codes (QR) are codes that store an abundance of data that can be quickly and digitally transmitted which makes them ideal for mobile phone users. If you have a lot of data you need to transmit and send via mobile browsers these codes can do it in half the time and won’t slow down your website. This makes the information easily accessible for mobile users right around the world and allows the users to easily read up about the product they’re purchasing quickly without having to load page after page.

Including PC/Mobile Marketing Together

Many website owners tend to focus on marketing their website to mobile users and forget about desktop users. While mobile users may be the highest contender to visit the site, desktop users aren’t that far behind. The best way to boost your conversion rate is by accommodating for both mobile and desktop users. Do you offer mobile users something that desktop users can’t access but may want to?

Catering to only mobile users, while good, it won’t help to improve your conversion rate. Instead try to think of ways where you can merge the two together in order to really deliver more to all your website visitors. Mobile only applications may be good, but think of how many more people you may convert if you made that feature accessible through desktop portals as well?


When it comes to boosting your conversion rate through mobile marketing, these powerful tips can help get you started. Whether you have a large or small marketing campaign, you’ll find your conversions will be a lot better in the long run. So are you ready to improve your conversion rate?

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