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Digital Minpins! Indago Digital Take to the Tree Tops

Last Friday was my first social event at Indago Digital. What a tree-t!

It was time to tackle our fear of heights and test ourselves physically and mentally with wobbly rope ladders, suspension bridges, cargo-nets and speedy zip-lines. We weren’t told what we were going to do leading up to the day, but were only advised to wear trainers, free-movement clothing, hat, and sunnies.
What could it possibly be this time?

Monkey see, Monkey do

As the team starts speculating on possible activities we could be doing, Tom hands us a waiver form that Friday morning – We were going to TreeTops Adventure Park!

When we arrived at the location around 12 pm, we prepared ourselves for what was to come. I even measured myself against the height restriction pole just in case I wasn’t at least 140cm… Thank goodness I was just a little over. Yay!

Prior to our treetop adventure, we had to complete a safety training session. Once we got the hang of it, (no pun intended) we were finally able to start climbing and flying our way through the treetops on the self-guided courses.


Right: If they look scary, it’s because they are.

Coloured Courses

There were four courses – Green (Easy), Blue (Medium), Red, (Hard), Black (Extreme)

It was recommended that we completed the courses in order as they get progressively harder and higher. But of course, only the bravest started at red or black! Most of us began at Green and Blue. As more me, I started easy at the green level and worked my way up. The green course was relatively straightforward, yet still terrifying for some.

Apparently, two people from the team (not mentioning names) had to get rescued mid-way through one of the courses. Who knows why…

Next up, we decided to start on the red course, cause why not? Red was incredibly fun. There were heaps of zip lines which made it more thrilling. At the three-quarter point, we came across a sign where we had the choice to go easy or hard. Being the daredevil that I am, I chose the hard route, and the rest followed along. Man, did I start regretting my life decision at that point…swinging from tree to tree onto a spider-web cargo-net? It was actually horrendously epic!

I loved how no matter what you do, you would always be safe because the magnetic carabiner-like clickers (whatever they were called) would always be there for you. They were like your lifesavers and stress relievers… I mean we did sign the waiver form.

Nothing to worry about right?


Left: As Gary Nissim, Director of Indago Digital stares down the tree, he exclaims – I can direct this too.

BBQ: La Sadler Special

After that, we had lunch at the spot which Tom had sorted for us – sausages and beef patties. Thanks for cooking Tom! They were delicious and the spot was perfect.

More than half the team were done. It was time to rest, relax and take in the atmosphere of the lovely bush area around the spot we’d designated for lunch.

But for some (including me),  we were still ready to set off and climb another course. For Gary, Ronny and I, we decided to conquer the black course. I had to be the guinea pig after a while – to test the waters. The black course wasn’t as thrilling as the red, though it was still very challenging.

One of the best things about Treetop Adventure Park was that it was equally physically and mentally challenging. By thinking about how to overcome the next obstacle course than actually doing it, as well as the adrenaline rush from doing it 25 meters off the ground made the experience worthwhile.

It was about 4 pm and was time to leave Treetops & our spot and head back to the office. Some of us went for a swim and shower. Some of us stayed at the office to have a nice well deserved beer… and cider of course.


Right: Tom Sadler BBQ, is not to be taken lightly.

We then went to The Horse at Surry Hills for dinner and drinks – waited for an hour before our food came out. The ham was delicious. The grilled chicken was spicy, and the polenta chips were to die for. It was an amazing way to end the day and even better company to do it with.


Left: Another day in the life of Performance Assistant, Chris Hubble. He made it home.

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