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Indago Takes to the Seas Again in Christmas Spirit

What a day to be alive!

Last Friday was a bit unusual for a work day: 11:30, pens down, sunnies up! The plan was to head to Woolloomooloo to board ENIGMA and enjoy the day sailing around the beautiful Sydney –
– with a strategic stop at Watsons Bay Hotel to fill up our energy tank, before finishing our day having fun at Potts Point Hotel!

Back to the seas….

What a promising schedule! It was way better than it looked though! In the middle of the summer, 30 degrees on top of our heads, we could not have had a better way to celebrate the results achieved in 2018 and start off 2019 on the right foot!

Everyone seemed excited for this day! The sun was shining, no clouds on the sky, we jumped on the boat at 12. Welcome drinks – the party started!

Secret Santa + Goodbye Toby.


Time to exchange the Secret Santa gifts and wish good luck for Toby (thanks for your years of dedication)!

A Quick Stop

Lunch time!! A quick stop in Watsons Bay Hotel to have some food and (more) drinks. Meanwhile, some people tried to sell their arts!

Watson’s Bay: Lunch.

A Titanic Re-enactment

Adults – just during Business hours! When the floating mat went to the water, Human Peg Solitaire begun. There was no winner though.

Human Peg Solitaire.

Resurrecting The King’s X

And eventually, it was time to leave the boat! The smiles on our faces showed just how amazing the day was (and how many drinks had). However, everyone enjoyed the way they like – some just stayed on the boat, some jumped on the water and played with the floating mat, some brave ones jumped off the cliff, but everyone ended up having fun at Potts Point hotel!

Cheers! – Potts Point Hotel.


After 12 hours of party, the last survivors finally went home – exhausted but so happy for having had so much fun!

New country, new job, new people, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this event.

So excited for what was yet to come, the event ended up surprising me! I couldn’t imagine how much fun I would have and how cool was everyone of Indago family!

It was definitely an awesome day and I couldn’t be happier to have joined this team!

Christmas cruises are somewhat becoming a tradition – and it looks like it’s one that’s here to stay. Take a look at our 2017 oceanic endeavours, and you’ll see what we mean.

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