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Indago Digital Goes To The Dogs & Axe-Throwing Adventures

This is my first post on behalf of Indago Digital. So, bear with me if I screw something up 😉

In this post, I will be writing about my first outing with the team of Indago Digital. Being the new recruit, I just knew a couple of guys. Gary Nissim, the founder was kind enough to invite me to a company’s annual outing which was just the week before my start date.
I was not sure how this social outing would pan out as it was my first time meeting the team. But it turns out people at Indago Digital are a very accommodating and easy going bunch of people.

Digital Vikings

So, let me first start with the axe throwing event which kicked off the outing.

I bet you have just re-read the previous sentence regarding the name of the event.

To be honest, I Googled it myself when Gary told me about it and it’s similar to game of darts the difference being here one has to throw an axe instead of a dart.

Pretty darn interesting isn’t it. In my personal opinion everybody has got to try axe throwing once.

Here’s the video of one of our colleagues, Roland, throwing axe as if dunking the basketball and it will hopefully crack you up even if you are having a rough day.

Drinks & Dinner

Next up was drinks and dinner. It was at this great pub called Quarrymans hotel at Pyrmont. Here, our ex-team member, Zac, joined the party.

The best item on the menu was a magic mushroom burger. I know it sounds dope  It was an awesome veggie burger, although the mushrooms were legal! After talking, banter, laughter, drinks and delicious dinner we headed off to The Dogs at Wentworth Park.

This was my first time to the Dogs (Greyhound’s racing round a track). My company, Indago Digital, sponsored one of the races. Predictably, everyone tried their betting luck for a bit of fun.

Here’s the pic from the Dogs.

As you see, we all are wearing hats. This was Gary’s request as he thinks he looks good in one. He’s the one wearing the gilet so you guys be the judge!

During this fun time, one of our soldiers, Roland, disappeared and was assumed to have gone home. However, he was found passed out on the sofa where we took the below picture. (In case you are wondering, Roland is the guy without the hat and getting some zzzz’s)


The final destination for this amazing night was Cohi Bar at Sydney’s very own Darling Harbour. We had some amazing cocktails to keep us busy for the rest of the night.

I must say that bar staff went out of their way to give us really good customer service. It really felt like winding down at Cohi bar.

Special shout out to Phil, for introducing our team to Cohi bar.

Overall, I believe this outing was heaps of fun and thanks to Gary for forming a team full of friendly, good hearted and talented people, I feel really happy to be part of this wonderful team.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time peace out!


P.S Here’s a video of Gary hitting the bulls-eye. He insisted that I include it.

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