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Indago Digital’s 2017 Grand Prix

The build up to Indago Digital’s third quarterly event for 2017 was very secretive, and as usual, no one knew what the activities were going to be, or where the day was going to be held.

Being the new kid on the block, I found this to be quite cool –
– the energy, excitement, and fun surrounding this day wasn’t something I’d experienced in my career so far.


A few days before, everyone had started speculating where and what the event was going to consist of. The organisers had done a great job of keeping their lips sealed and only giving us the spec of information the night before that the venue was outdoors, some distance from our offices in Surry Hills and not equipped to cater for a large number of hungry bellies put a spanner in the works.

Friday morning arrived with the beautiful sun shining, blessing us with the perfect climate for a day of fun. There was no question we were all looking forward to leaving the office at 10.45AM and starting the mystery filled day.

Our bus arrived and the troops were locked and loaded, ready for a fabulous day. Once we had boarded the bus and a head count was taken, we were off on our way. Gary announced 15 minutes into the journey that we were headed to Eastern Creek to spend the day go-kart racing! Unbelievably, a couple of people already had the hunch that this was what we’d be doing and the team were ready to burn some rubber.

We arrived at Eastern Creek just after 11.30AM the weather conditions were perfect, and Manny had his Ricky Martin sunglasses on ready to perform – things were looking good. Shortly after we arrived we had our safety induction and were told about the precautions and techniques we should be using to keep safe on the track. We then lined up on the grid and burned rubber for what seemed like hours and hours of some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

The Top Trio

As the racing went on, the speed elites started shining, battling it out for 1st place. Dimo, Gary, Chris, Peter and myself were stuck in constant battle, drifting corners and cutting each other off. The fastest time recorded on the day went to Dimo, second place went to yours truly and third place went to Peter. You might notice in the photo below though that Peter and I aren’t the brightest bulbs so we’re standing on the wrong podium numbers!

The day at Eastern Creek was fantastic, filled with so much fun and a real energy of team comradery. By the afternoon we were all tired from the huge numbers of g-force we’d experienced and were ready for the next destination. It was at about 3.30PM we left Eastern Creek with nothing but a few minor injuries and smiles all around. On the way to our next secret location, a majority of the bus had a quick snooze – no doubt dreaming of Formula 1 glory in the near future.

The Aftermath

We arrived at Marrickville and went to Gasoline Pony, which was absolutely perfect – craft beers, an arty space with a courtyard and a relaxed vibe. We had many smiles and many laughs – it was a great way to start the evening after an awesome day at the track. After a few beverages and some food, it was time for the next destination, which just so happened to be around the corner.


Lazybones Bar and Lounge – what a venue… Low lighting, comfortable chairs you could sit in for hours and an atmosphere for music lovers. The night arrived and the venue around us started to fill up with a great crowd of people all eager to hear the sweet delights of the night’s live musicians. The band was filled with soul and the tunes they were bringing out gave our whole team the most relaxed vibe.

All-in-All ..

All in all, the day and night were awesome and I can’t thank the Indago Digital team enough for making it such a special event to be a part of!

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