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Indago Digital Padel Championships 2016

Since Spain’s hosting of the World Padel Tennis Championships in 2014 (held every 3 years) the sport hasn’t seen a more competitive, nor exciting, spectacle than when Indago Digital took to the courts last Friday.

It was our quarterly team event –
– business in the morning, Padel Tennis in the afternoon, followed by fine music, food, drinks and laughter well into a balmy October night.

Cashin' Cheques

Leading up to the day we weren’t told exactly what we’d be doing, but were advised to wear sporting attire.

So the usual office get-up was left at home and the team turned up to work looking like a motley crew of sponsored athletes eager to tour the world.

While the explicit details of the day’s activities were kept a surprise, the hint of Spring sun had tingled each of our inner sportsmen and there was a buzz through the first few hours of Friday morning as we congregated in our ping pong/board room to go over the company’s quarterly performance –

– a celebration actually as we’ve recently brought on 5 awesome new clients, not to mention the hoo-rah around the larger than life bonus cheques given out for last year’s performance…

Willo, The Lord Of The Padel

Once the cheques were presented, dust settled and the cheers died down the surprise of Friday’s coming events was delivered by Gary (Indago Digital’s Managing Director). We were heading to the Sydney Padel Club in the newly created Entertainment Quarter (ex-Fox Studios) to try our hand at what is currently one of the world’s fastest growing sports – Padel Tennis.

Not familiar with Padel Tennis? That’s understandable, neither were most of us – if you scroll down you’ll see we’ve got some photography of what the sport entails. I’m not quite sure of the specific rules, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a combination of squash and tennis in which pairs of players wield dwarf tennis racquets within a glass walled court and swat tennis balls at one another over a net. There’s obviously a little more structure to it than that. But if you could possibly imagine it as though ‘miniature tennis’ and ‘giant ping pong’ eloped to Argentina and gave birth to a brilliant hybrid spawn. Jokes aside, there’s a serious competitive streak in all of us and playing in a tournament-style round-robin was the perfect way to display it.

The winner?

The newest member of the team, Tom Willis, or as he is now officially known as, ‘Willo, Lord of the Padel’.

Mr. Fox

After showering at the complex’s facilities, we started the evening with some beverages of the chilled variety under the shade of a large tree – similar to how most awesome nights do, and should, start.

We then made our way to a cozy tapas and cocktail bar in Surry Hills called Mister Fox – an amazing place with its furniture, decorated walls and comfortable atmosphere drawing inspiration from some of the more exotic corners of the Earth.

The next surprise was who greeted us there – none other than the incredibly musically talented Stephanie Grace – along with her microphone, some guitars and a voice that took our night to another level.

With the drinks flowing, an assortment of tapas filling our bellies and Ms. Grace’s self-written songs sending the mood to astronomic heights, it was deemed a good idea that some of our more musically gifted team members take up their weapons of melody and start an Indago ‘jam sesh’. And a good idea it was. Everything from Pink Floyd to Nirvana brought us all together for what is going to be an epic team day and night to remember.

I’ll also give a cheeky mention to the fact that the night didn’t stop there for most of the team – bar hopping through Surry Hills until the sun shows up again is a skill these guys have in spades ;).

And here’s a bonus picture of Leigh demonstrating his world class chair dancing…

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