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Indago Digital Is Now Free-Range In Surry Hills!

There’s something pleasantly surreal about seeing a completely empty space that was once the office we held a sordid love-hate relationship with ..

That’s right, Indago Digital has officially left the flaccid hub of North Sydney to live free-range and mark our territory in Surry Hills.

Simply Moving?

We’ve mentioned in previous posts the incredible growth we’ve had in the last couple of years

– and in packing up our old office, there was a blatant shock of reality when we looked over how what was once a handful of people’s ‘stuff’ had accrued to an array of fifteen people’s boxes-full.

You’d think that being a digital company, the process of relocating would be relatively simple –

– everything’s on laptops, or drives, or floating about in the cloud somewhere –

– so you close your laptop, pack it away, move to the new place with a new chair and desk and open the laptop back up.


Yeah, easy-peasy, everything looks like this set-up below in a jiffy ..

We think not ..

Well you’re wrong. You’re so wrong it’s not even funny.

First of all, let’s take a look at the logistics of disassembling and moving a half-tonne Ping-Pong slash boardroom table…

You may have in your mind the idea of a Ping-Pong table that folds at the centre, with collapsing legs and conveniently attached wheels.

Wrong again.

Our Ping-Pong table came in about 11 different pieces, all of which are joined by a matrix of screws and rivets numbering at least 50. The entire thing is also made of solid metal alloy, so the previously mentioned half-tonne was no exaggeration – it was more like I was complimenting the weight-conscious table. It took a team of 7 to orchestrate its deconstruction, bubble wrapping, transport and reassembly in the new place.

You may think that’s excessive. You’re wrong again.


Right: This is Ping Pong and it’s absolutely necessary.


Admittedly, the Ping-Pong table was the most manually difficult aspect to our move.

Apart from cleaning out the kitchen and hundred-odd kilos of meat from the fridge (we do a regular company-wide meat order), it was a fairly straight forward job. Where the real difficulty lay was in organising the new place. For starters, we literally knocked down a few walls to make the site awesome enough to house Indago Digital. Then on top of that there’s all the nitty gritty boring drama of organising Internet, telephones, keys, furniture, electricity and everything else important.

But enough about the toilsome efforts we endured for the sake of delivering more efficient and effective digital marketing. Let’s talk about the new place.

Greetings - The Hills Of The Surry

Surry Hills – if you’re in media, do some advertising, are proficient with a paintbrush or simply fancy yourself a bit ‘alternative’, then you probably know the place.

Our building is what they call ‘gentrified’, which, apart from being an accurate socio-geographic term, is a hip phrase a lot of soy-latte drinkers find easy to roll off their sometimes pierced tongues.

We have incredibly high ceilings, black wooden floor boards, white brick walls and an atmosphere for artistic license. It’s cool, man. Cool, like if Steve McQueen were a digital marketer, he’d be here, splitting his time between leaning against the fashionably shabby paint job, optimizing web pages and discussing link-building strategy over a game of Ping Pong. He’d probably also be considering a game of basketball or hacky-sack with the dreadlock dudes across the road.

It sounds like a party, but really, we’ve moved so that we can work better – the team is bigger, the game is faster and the dog is hungrier.

To keep things short and sweet, we’re very happy to say we’re now located at Level 2, 116 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills.

It’s a much bigger, much better space and it’s the perfect launch pad for us to grow even further next year and beyond!


Check out the pictures below from this morning’s Champagne breakfast in the new digs.

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