Indago Digital is a couple of steps closer to being a full-service digital marketing agency…

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing Indago Digital into the absolute best agency that it can possibly be. And part of that means working on expanding the range of services we offer.

While SEO and SEM are at the core of everything we do to generate the best results for our clients, there are some crucial other elements to the digital frontline which we’re now bringing to the table. With website, banner, email and UX/UI design and development on the cards, we’re not only well on our way to becoming a full-service agency –
– but we’re also now able to deliver world-class digital marketing services across multiple disciplines.

Web Development and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

A fundamental aspect of generating traffic and maintaining interest in your brand is through a well developed and designed website. If your site has e-commerce functionality, an aesthetic and effectively functional display is not only going to aid SEO, but it’s also going to improve conversion rates, average order values and overall sales.

We’ve brought on some of the industry’s leading talent to provide exactly those things. With added Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) capability we’re also now able to test whole websites, or simply particular elements on a page to guarantee their effectiveness.

Web Development and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

In a world limited by pixels to express colours and messages, having banners which capture the attention of your audience is a powerful tool to stand ahead of the competition. By optimising your Google Ads banners, improving your ads’ visual efficiency and creating Gmail sponsored promotional advertisements, you’re going to bring more traffic to your site and improve your brand’s perception.

Ask us about how our design team can give you stunning banners.

Email Design

Email has been a staple element to any strong digital strategy for years. Maintaining that regular line of communication with your subscribers, customers and leads is essential to keeping your brand at the forefront of relevancy. And it also provides you the ability to extend your content strategy’s effectiveness. So if you’re regularly contacting those all-important revenue sources, it’s safe to say you’d want your emails to be looking good.

So on top of web design, we’re also now offering email template design and development to guarantee your emails effectively incite action from their recipients.

UX/UI Design

Your website needs to be user focused. That means everything from its design and layout through to functionality should be influenced by how someone will interact with it. You could have the most intricate and impressively designed web page, but if it’s difficult for a user to find their route to conversion, then it’s all just wasted aesthetics.

Our strengths have previously always been with the technical elements behind generating online success. Now, we’re marrying the human elements with tech so that not only will your users convert, but they’ll find it so, so easy.

Get in touch with us today to see just how we can make your web presence that much better.

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