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Indago Digital helps Credit Simple launch in New Zealand

September 19, 2016 - 0 Comments - by:

Kiwis can get better deals with Credit Simple

The launch of today gives New Zealanders instant and free online access to their credit scores for the first time
New research shows:

  1. 92 per cent of Kiwis don’t know their credit score
  2. 72 per cent don’t know what a credit score is
  3. Only 13 per cent have ever ordered their full credit file

New Zealanders can access their credit score for the first time, instantly and free, with the launch of today. Through Credit Simple, Kiwis can access their credit information and use it to get better deals, from banks, energy companies, and telecommunication providers. Credit Simple also offers handy financial tools to help people monitor their credit information, compare their score to others, and improve their score.

Credit Simple today unveiled a raft of better deals it has negotiated with partners such as The Warehouse, Co-op Bank and Baywide for Kiwis with good credit scores. Full details of the deals can be viewed at . Credit Simple CEO David Scognamiglio said the company is on a mission to help New Zealanders live their best financial life.

“Credit Simple enables New Zealanders to access their credit score online, instantly and for free,” Mr Scognamiglio said. “Banks and credit providers use this information to determine how credit-worthy you are, so a healthy credit score is vital to having credit applications approved. It’s only fair that Kiwis can access this information as well, and use it to their advantage to ask for a better deal.”

Research carried out by Credit Simple shows 92 per cent of people don’t know their own credit score, while 72 per cent of Kiwis don’t know what a credit score is. In contrast, around 60 per cent of US consumers don’t know their credit score, and 85 per cent of consumers in Australia don’t know theirs.

Credit scores are a common test of credit-worthiness in the US and Australia, but in New Zealand many people are unaware of the power credit scores have in determining whether they can get a mortgage, take out a personal loan or even open an electricity account.

A credit score is a number between 0 and 1,000 that indicates how good an individual is at paying their bills. A credit score is the primary measure banks and credit providers use to determine whether they will give someone credit, and at what price.

“Banks love people with high credit ratings,” Mr Scognamiglio said. “So if you’ve got a high credit score, you’ll be able to access great deals from our partners, such as banks, telcos and utility providers. If you’ve got a low score, we’ll help you figure out why and how to improve it.”

Indago Digital is proud to have helped launch SEO and SEM campaigns for Credit Simple.

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