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Indago Digital help launch Credit Simple Australia

Today marks the launch of Credit Simple into the Australian market –

– but who are Credit Simple and what problem are they trying to solve for Australia?

The Credit Simple Mission

A Simple Help To Consumers & Credit

Credit Simple have conducted research that shows Australian’s are missing out on $8.3 billion by not getting the best deal from banks, energy providers and telco’s.

To help consumers save money Credit Simple will provide their customers with a free credit score so that they can see how they stack up financially.


Let’s hear from Credit Simple CEO David Scognamiglio.


Our research shows 85 per cent of people reckon that they should be able to get a better deal with a good credit score, but not everyone realises they actually can. Our mission is to help people feel empowered to own their credit information and use it to their advantage.”

“We want to give all Australians access to great deals that may otherwise only be available to what we call credit unicorns – those with extremely high scores. Whether it be a lower rate on a personal loan or a great credit card deal, we want to make unicorn-style deals accessible to everyone in Australia, whatever their score.”

“There are plenty of simple steps Aussies can take to improve their credit scores. We’ve categorised scores into profiles that help Aussies see what they can do to get to the next level. 

– Mr Scognamiglio.


Indago Digital are proud to be supporting Credit Simple across SEO, SEM, Google Analytics and Social Media.

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