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Google Partners Digital Bites – A Resounding Success

In February this year Indago Digital (A Google Partner) and MYOB’s only Diamond Partner, Kilimanjaro Consulting provided a Google Partners Digital Bites session to Kilimanjaro’s clients.

The sessions were held in Sydney and Melbourne with a focus on mobile tactics, paid search implementation and SEO for business owners.

A major part of the training was a hands on ‘Work Book Session’ demonstrating a number of free online tools available to help all advertisers, digital or not.

MD of Indago Digital, Gary Nissim said – 

“The post-match data speaks for itself. It was a great event and all parties invested heavily into making it so. The main outcome we wanted, was that all delegates would walk away with actionable insight – and we achieved it.”

“In a post training questionnaire, 50% of delegates explained that they knew little about digital marketing, whilst 43% were comfortable with concepts and 7% were experts who could implement advanced techniques. Even with this difference in knowledge the event delivered as promised, with 100% of delegates saying that they learnt something new. More importantly 100% stated that they picked up information they could take back to the office and implement.”

“Interestingly the top reason to attend the event was to learn more about SEO and SEO was also valued as the most useful session”.

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