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Google ‘Call-Ads’ Update Adds Website Link Feature

Google Ads recently announced that not only is its ‘Call-Only’ Ads service being re-named to a much simpler – ‘Call-Ads’ ..

.. But also, that ‘call-ads’ will now show an option for customers to access the advertiser’s website.

According to Google, the optional website link was created to ‘give customers more flexibility in how they connect with the businesses.’
If inbound calls are crucial customer/lead-funnel for your own business – or, for a client – where neglecting any avenues for potential customers to establish contact is not an option.

Then – now is the time to review your strategy, mi amigo.

How It Works

For those readers that are new to this specific ad-format; (now) ‘Call-Ads’ were initially made with the intention of encouraging searchers to reach your business over the phone.

This meant, without having any readily accessible pathway leading to your website at their disposal.

Therefore, it could and would only appear on devices that could make phone calls – mostly mobile phones.


Before The Update


  1. Your ad wins an auction and is shown at the top of the page.
  2. The user clicks on the ad.
  3. That user’s mobile-phone dial-pad opens with your business phone-number already prepped-and-set. This could mean either your own number, or a Google forwarding number – (depending on your settings.)
  4. The user clicks on the ‘call’ or ‘dial’ button and proceeds with the phone-call, and (fingers crossed) a phone-oriented purchase.



Source: Google.

Now /Post-Update


Fast-forwarding to post-this-update – a ‘visit website’ link now plays an important role by serving as an expansion of your call-ad by swamping you with greater visibility on SERPs (Search-Engine Results Pages).

All the while more – giving users a secondary option for accessing your business’ website if they wish to dig deeper before enacting on any purchase.

Or, if they perhaps simply prefer to avoid getting in touch with businesses via. a phone call. Even if it’s a temporary preference.


It is important to say that it is not guaranteed that the new link extension will show with your ad all the time. The “Visit Website” link will only show when:

  • The presence of the link is predicted to improve your ad performance in that specific auction.
  • Your ad’s position and Ad Rank is high enough for extensions to show – the same rule that applies for a normal text ad.


Left – An Example of Google’s Call-Ads Feature in action – now supplemented with an optional ‘visit website’ hyperlink.

Source: Google.

Enabling Your New ‘Visit Website’ Feature

To get started with this new, optional website link – all you will just need is to simply include a final URL when creating your new Call-Ad. If you already have Call-Ads created – then simply edit and add a final URL to start running your call-ads with this new feature!

To create a Call-Ad, you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Two Headlineslimited to 30 characters. (Optional – yet recommended)
  • Business Namelimited to 25 characters.
  • Phone Number
  • Description 1limited to 90 characters.
  • Description 2limited to 90 characters. (Optional)
  • Two Display Pathslimited to 15 characters. (Optional)
  • Final URLIf provided ad might show the ‘visit website’
  • Verification URLA webpage including your business phone number.

These fields are definitely ones which can be pushed live and displayed with your ad on mobile devices. However, some can be left blank at your discretion to make the most of smaller screen-spaces attached to mobile-platform advertising.

Other extensions may also appear with a call-ad if linked. For e.g., location extensions, structured snippet extensions, and callout extensions.

Don’t Hate, Appreciate .

In summation – it’s in your own best interests to make sure that you are factoring inbound phone-calls from Ads, into your conversion settings.

Otherwise, you may not be able to properly optimise your campaigns. Worse yet – potentially end-up forming premature misjudgements towards call-ads by pre-emptively pausing your initial tests.


Maybe – give it a go first ?

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