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2016 Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote

On May 24th Google announced its new AdWords and Analytics products.

t’s every search geeks favourite day of the year. The keynote is very comprehensive and lasts over an hour. You could watch the whole thing but who has an hour to spare at work?
To help you out, I have annotated the video below and pointed out any relevant highlights with time stamps. That way you can skip to the bits that matter the most to you.

So what do the big updates include?

  • Google will now allow advertisers to access multiple exchanges using the Google Display Network, will this threaten the recent emergence on DSP’s?
  • AdWords has been rebuilt for mobile and will finally let advertisers set individual bids by device.
  • Google is changing the format of the adverts themselves. This is the biggest update since AdWords launch.
  • Google launches a look-a-like audience product and the ability to overlay demographic targeting for search adverts.
  • Google 360 Analytics is formally launched and includes a bot that will answer your analytics questions!

The keynote begins with some mobile stats.

Right now people all over the world are trying to make the most of every moment. Mobile changes everything, it’s not evolutionary it’s revolutionary. AdWords and Analytics have been redesigned and rebuilt for a mobile first world. Trillions of searches made on Google each year, more searches take place on mobile. More than half Analytics traffic comes from mobile.

Okay let’s get into it ..

  • 7:10 How important are images on Google?
    • In the automotive sector over 37% brand searches are for images and 80% of those are mobile.
    • Toyota started using Google Auto ads case study.
  • 8:11 Macys Mobile Case Study
    • How did Macy’s build for mobile, how do they direct their customers to the right place? Desktop to online, for mobile directions and to call the store.
  • 10:06 Google Display Network Update
    • The GDN reaches over 90% of all users by 2,000,000 websites. GA processes over 500 billion micro moments e.g. download, conversions
    • Only Google can provide with deep understanding of all of this data.
  • 12:00 What is the importance of mobile?
    • All AdWords campaigns using enhanced campaigns were anchored to desktop search. A lot has changed. Now the consumer starting point is a 5-inch screen. Mobile ads are no longer an add on. Mobile bids are the foundation of success.
  • 13:50 How should mobile ads be designed, how should bids be used and what’s the impact?
  • 14:55 What should mobile text ads look like?
  • 14:57 The biggest update to the ad creative since AdWords was introduced.
    • Research show longer headlines are more useful to mobile users. Also expanded the number of characters that can be in the description line. Now one long 80-character description line.
    • Advertisers report over 20% increase in CTR. Taking advantage of the format early will be critical. Format to be rolled out later this year.
  • 17:10 What should display ads look like in a mobile first world?
  • 18:05 What does bidding look like in a mobile first world?
  • 20:00 Google Instore Visits update.
    • Around 90% of sales happen instore as opposed to online. The way we find and discover things has fundamentally changed. 1/3 of mobile searches are related to location.
    • In the last year local related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than standard mobile queries.
  • 21:50 Target Instore Visits case study.
    • Using Google store visits Target has learned that 1 in 3 users that click on a search advert visit a store.
  • 23:30 Google Maps update, including promoted pins!
  • 29:53 How does Google Store Visits work? Find out here.
  • 31:00 Nissan UK Case Study
    • Nisan UK found that 6% of mobile searches visited instore. The adverts drove at ROI of 25 to 1!
  • 33:00 Google Display Network and Video Update
  • 37:10 Big Announcement – Google Display Network campaigns will now have access to cross exchange inventory
  • 39:10 Product announcement – New offering. Similar and demographic audiences for Search Marketing
  • 42:00 Google announces new marketing tools for agencies / advertisers
  • 43:00 New AdWords platform update
    • 1) Data you care about needs to be at your fingertips
    • 2) AdWords should be more about your business
    • 3) Tools should be powerful yet simple
  • 48:00 New Google Analytics Suite update
  • 57:30 Built in intelligence, how does Google use machine learning? Including a data bot that will answer your analytics queries.

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