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Search Intent Guide: What is Search Intent?
Search Intent, or user intent, is the ‘why’ behind a query that a user has typed into a search engine. It asks the question, what is their main goal for this search?
7 min. read
The Top 5 Strategies to Improve Digital ROI
Learn the Top 5 digital marketing strategies your competitors are using to boost your ROI and develop the knowhow to start implementing them yourself.
5 min. read
Technical SEO Checklist - Important & Actionable Factors
Technical SEO audits are crucial before the implementation of SEO strategy. Find our technical SEO checklist here and request one for free.
8 min. read
Top 20 Websites in Australia 2022 - Then vs. Now
We've reviewed the top 20 websites in Australia and audited their user interface and user experience homepage evolution from the 2000's to the present day.
10 min. read
SEM Automation in 2022 | Free eGuide
Automated solutions allow Google advertisers to refocus how they spend their time and where they can add value.
5 min. read
What Is Google’s Quality Score and Why Does It Matter?
Google’s Quality Score is a ranking the search engine applies to keywords to improve the quality and relevancy of its ads and enhance user experience. It matters because the higher your Quality Score is, the better your ad position will be.
5 min. read
Why Google reviews are important for SEO
Google reviews are arguably the most accessible and impactful for your target customers. Learn how Google reviews impact your SEO rankings, as well as some tips for how to get more of them.
5 min. read
Long tail keywords: Target queries with lower search volume
Why is it worth developing content targeting these keywords? Read on to discover why and how they can help boost your ROI from SEO.
6 min. read
Free Technical SEO Course
In this free three-part course, Peter Dimakidis, Indago's Chief Technical & SEO Officer takes you through the four key pillars of technical SEO.
5 min. read

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