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Google Analytics RLSA: In Your AdWords Strategy
Search Remarketing Lists for Search Ads has been available for quite some time, using the AdWords Remarketing tags to generate remarketing audiences via AdWords.
3 min. read
How To Build A Great Google AdWords Campaign
So you’re staring down an account build. It’s monstrous. Several thousand products, Hundreds of locations nationally & the client wants it live in 2 weeks. Tops.
5 min. read
Your Must-Know Digital Marketing Acronyms Explained
Our industry loves its acronyms but what do they all mean? Read on as Indago Digital explains these 30 popular digital marketing acronyms with their definitions.
5 min. read
The Immediate Effect of TV on Paid Search
Our client recently embarked on a TV campaign, & we measured its effect on their search campaigns. This value could be attributed back to the TV campaign itself.
3 min. read
Account Level Quality Score: Tell Us The Truth
Account level quality score is tough to understand. Google says it doesn’t exist, most people in the industry say it does and so we’re asking how relevant it is?
2 min. read

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